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Do I Need Septoplasty Revision?

I had a Septorhinoplasty 12 days ago. Cast was attached wonkily and my nose morphed the shape- a flat side and ramp side. Doc unconcerned. I... READ MORE

Is Membranous Septum Cartilage or Soft Tissue?

Is membranous septum cartilage or soft tissue ? Thank you READ MORE

Will blowing // putting tissue in nostrils after septoplasty damage nose?

I have a sinus rinse where it goes up one nostril and out the other, at the end I always have to blow out a little bit (even though I was told not to... READ MORE

What Could This Hard Bump On The Tip Of My Nose Be?

In the last 6 months, a hard, protruding bump has formed on my nose tip . An ENT examined it and said the tissue had shifted because of a septoplasty... READ MORE

Is my septum severely deviated? What's wrong with my nose? (Photo)

I recently started noticing that my nostrils look completely different from the other. In the left one I can't really see straight up into it and... READ MORE

Will mucosa regrow over exposed bone in inferior turbinate?

I had septoplasty and radio frequency of my turbinates done 2 months ago. I am now being told I have exposed bone in my inferior turbinate where the... READ MORE

After a septorhinoplasty, is is unusual for my nose to be more painful 1 week post surgery than after the first few days?

It has been 1 week since i have had a septorhinoplasty and turbinate surgery. I have found the pain in my nose very tolerable however now i am... READ MORE

Packs/tissue in my nose have come out, is this ok ?

3 days after my op. I was sleeping and I felt something flapping in my nostril and it looked like mucus, so I gently blew my nose and the tissue (what... READ MORE

Nose feels weird weeks after septoplasy

The septum in my nose has felt weird the last week or so and the bridge of my nose is now tender and sore right where the cartilage ends and soft... READ MORE

I'd like to know what happened during my previous septoplasty!

I had septo op on 30 Dec 2015 in response to a CT scan which showed a mild right dev. of septum + inferior large turbinates but still don't feel happy... READ MORE

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