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Septoplasty Insurance Coverage and Tip Refinement

I have a deviated septum and it makes it hard to breath. I have Medicaid and other insurance but I have been wanting to refine the tip of my nose as... READ MORE

Hanging Columella And Bulbous / Droopy Tip After Rhinoseptoplasty

Think i have hanging columella and supra tip after the open rhinoseptoplasty with osteoctomy i went through 4 months ago.Don't know what happened... READ MORE

How long does it take to cold/flu like symptoms to disappear? Post Septoplasty in right nostril and left concha bullosa surgery

I had a septoplasty in right nostril and left concha bullosa surgery on May 5th '16. I did not have any splints and instead had a nose pack for a 5... READ MORE

Side Profile Looks Big and Long After Septoplasty

I had a septoplasty two weeks ago, as the cartilage on my tip before operation was pushing to one side and needed correcting. My front profile has... READ MORE

Very Different Nostrils on Each Side 4 Weeks Post Open Septorhinoplasty

Hi I had open septorhinoplasty 17.september 2010.I had a graft done to straighten the left side of my nose (which was also taken from my nose),hump... READ MORE

Okay to Have Third Surgery After Septorhinoplasty and Rhinoplasty?

I had a Septorhinoplasty to correct a broken nose. The surgeon should have made my nose thinner, but I think it looks the same and it's been over a... READ MORE

4 month post-op septoplasty/turbinate reduction: nose was straight, now it looks as if it has been broken with an indentation.

My septoplasty/turbinate reduction surgery was 4 months ago. I have the indentation and swelling further toward the tip below the indentation on the... READ MORE

2 Months Post-op Septorhinoplasty. Do I Need Revision?

It's been 2 months since my septorhinoplasty and I'm very concerned because my nose looks worse than before. Half the cast did not adhere... READ MORE

Is it common for a doctor to not be willing to touch your nose without doing turbinates?

I had my nose tip done 7 weeks ago. My Dr.said she would not touch my nose unless she did my turbinates .My ENT Said I had allergies.MRI said,swollen... READ MORE

Tip Too High 5 Days After Open Septorhinoplasty

Ive recently had an open septorhinoplasty five days ago. My bandages and splint have been removed and I feel that my tip is to high. I understand that... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty Swelling - 5 Weeks Post-op

Hello, I had a septorhinoplasty exactly 5 weeks ago and my nose is still swollen at the tip and the appearance is like piggy nose. I had DNS,nasal... READ MORE

Deviated Septum came back after Rhinoplasty, same doctor wants me to have septoplasty done(due to bent nose), is it a good idea?

I had gotten a rhinoplasty done about 8 months ago. The doctor was supposed to reduce the hump at the top of my nose, reduce the size of the tip, and... READ MORE

How much it may cost to add the tip reduction/lift to my septoplasty operation?

I have a deviated septum and am planning to get Septoplasty to correct my breathing problems most likely from an Ear, Nose, Throat Dr. I am also... READ MORE

I had a septoplasty 2 weeks ago and feel the tip of my nose is moving around ever so slightly?

I had a septoplasty about 2 weeks ago and when when I seep on my side I feel the tip of my nose drag down ever so slightly and I feel pressure because... READ MORE

Septoplasty (photos)

I broke my nose and never went to a doctor until about a year ago when I yawned and refractured my nose. The doctor said I had a twisted diaviated... READ MORE

Why did a septoplasty and turbinate reduction make my daughter's nose wider, the tip to drop and the dorsal hump bigger?

My daughter's side profile is different. Her nose is flatter, wider and the dorsal hump is more defined. She had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction. READ MORE

Was it possible to deproject me without changing my front so much?

Hi , I am 4 weeks post op. I do realize it is very soon- but I had alar based reduction major deprojection , tip reduction , septoplasty and a bump... READ MORE

Does the length of the nose shrink as the swelling goes down?

I just had a septorhinoplasty 8 days ago. Prior to the surgery, I had a fairly long nose that I felt projected too far from my face. I kept telling my... READ MORE

Nose too short and upturned 3 and half months after septorhinoplasty, what are my options? (Photos)

The result so far is different from my goal and I have a female nose, short, upturned with a ski slope. My breathing has not improved. My surgeon, who... READ MORE

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