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Will I be able to travel 7 days after the septoplasty surgery?

I'll be getting the surgery on July 24th and I have a vacation planned for a weekend to Boston on July 31st. Will I be able to drive and enjoy myself? READ MORE

How long after a septoplasty can I resume sexual activity? Also oral sex?

I had a septoplasty and sinuplasty 7 days ago. How long till I resume sexual activity? READ MORE

Revision Septoplasty?

Had Sinus surgery/Septoplasty March 31. Turbinates not touched (said normal), doc says sinuses look fabulous. Since surgery persistent feeling of... READ MORE

When can I have a facial after combined septoplasty & rhinoplasty ?

How long after my surgery for combined rhinoplasty and septoplasty can I get a facial ? I noticed the day after surgery that I suddenly am covered in... READ MORE

I need a Septoplasty but my ENT says I need to wait "fully a year" after having done any amount of cocaine. True?

I have never had a cocaine habit but I did recently try it, just on one night. Do I really need to wait a full year to have this surgery that will... READ MORE

I consulted with an ENT about my deviated septum and I have doubts about the diagnosis. Is 5 day hospitalization common?

This is a followup question to this one: My doctor recommends septoplasty along with... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty six months age. How long do I need to wait before I can have a septoplasty to fix my bent septum?

So on 14th of january i had a rhinoplasty. I moved to England about 18 motnhs ago and sicne then i had big problems with acne. I have been told by few... READ MORE

I have a septoplasty this week and I partook in cocaine usage a week ago. Should I be worried or will enough time have passed?

It will have been 10 days since I used cocaine when my septoplasty scheduled. It was dumb and I haven't done it in years. This is NOT something I do... READ MORE

Septoplasty before rhinoplasty?

Would it be okay to get septoplasty before rhinoplasty especially in my case? READ MORE

When can I get revision septorhinoplasty?

My nose still has the exact same deviation as before surgery. I will be on camera soon and i need to have this fixed as soon as possible. Its not... READ MORE

Do I need a septoplasty or a rhinoplasty? My nose directs to one side. Will this be partly solved with a septoplasty? (Photos)

I had a bad surgery years ago, to solve it i had another and it helped but couldn't really solve the fact that my nose is not straight , he told me... READ MORE

After the septoplasty surgery in how many days can I have alcohol?

It has been three days since my septoplasty surgery . my nose is cevered with cotton so ican'tbreathe through nose and have to breathe through mouth... READ MORE

Accutane After Septoplasty?

I will be undergoing septoplasty to correct a deviated septum I've had since I've been a child,and I would like to know if i can start a course of... READ MORE

How long after a septoplasty can I get a facial?

I know the nose is a very sensitive area and I was just wondering how long I should wait until I get a facial. I dont want to run the risk of damaging... READ MORE

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