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Would the Removal of a Septal Bone Spur Alter the Appearance of My Nose?

I recently had an MRI done because I have sinus problems and it revealed a large septal bone spur. Would the removal of the septal spur alter the... READ MORE

Recovery Time: Septoplasty, Turbinectomy and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery at the Same Time?

I am having a septoplasty, turbinectomy and endoscopic sinus surgery performed at the same time. What is a realistic recovery period and what should I... READ MORE

Has my Septoplasty Failed? And More, Please Help!

I had to have septoplasty to help my breathing through one nostril. I am 4 weeks post op and one the opposite side has been blocked and very... READ MORE

4 days after sinus surgery/ septoplasty I can't smell or taste. Why was it fine the day after surgery?

All other healing has been well, and pain had been minimal. Not sure why I could smell/ taste right after the surgery, but lost it swiftly a day after... READ MORE

How fragile is the septum after septoplasty?

Once the septum is repaired during septoplasty, how resilient is it?   I underwent septoplasty, turbinate resection and sinus polypectomy on... READ MORE

Failed septoplasty. Is there a chance it needs to be done again ?

I had my septoplasty opperation over a year ago and had inflamed tissue removed from my sinus as well. I've had plenty of time to heal and my airway... READ MORE

Hole in Nasal Passage. Been On Oxygen Therapy for 8 Months? (photo)

I have been on oxygen therpy almost 8 mo. and have a lot of blood and dried out sinuses. I have tried everything even a humidifyer on the concentrater... READ MORE

Septoplasty Surgery with Infection?

I have septoplasty and turbinate reduction scheduled for tomorrow! But I think I have an ear infection and possibly sinus also. My ear and sinus... READ MORE

Post Septoplasty and Sinus Surgery? (photo)

Hi, I had a Septoplasty about a year ago to correct a deviated septum and have been coughing up little brown pieces which I have really no idea what... READ MORE

Should I Consider Rhinoplasty with my Septoplasty?

Saw an ENT at Kaiser in Panorama City for sinus issues, offered to remove the hump and lift the tip of my nose. My insurance covers it. He has over 25... READ MORE

Anything to Do for Sinuses in High Altitude Hiking?

After 4-5 days of hiking in altitudes above 7000 feet, my sinuses (I believe) beging to close. It becomes very difficult to breathe through my nose,... READ MORE

Chronic Sinus Pain and Inflammation putting sever Pressure on eye causing blurred vision/dizziness

I've had sinus pain, throbbing on one side of my nose for decade,I was headbutted on the nose (septum deviated as a result) ENTs not found evidence of... READ MORE

Can I use of Nasal Spray after Septoplasty Inferior Turbinoplasty surgery?

It has been 3 weeks after my Septoplasty Inferior Turbinoplasty surgery. My nose still feels somewhat congested although my doc said that the pathway... READ MORE

3 weeks after surgery I noticed a perforation&nasty smell. What will they do? (photos)

Dec 22,2015 I had septoplasty w/turbinate reduction.3 weeks after my surgery I noticed a perforation&a nasty smell.On week 5 I noticed my perforation... READ MORE

What procedure would I need for a deviated septum and overgrowth of cartilage?

3/12 years ago i was assaulted. i have overgrowth of two unknown pieces of cartilage(i was told) in my nose that has changed the shape throughout... READ MORE

Revision Septoplasty?

Had Sinus surgery/Septoplasty March 31. Turbinates not touched (said normal), doc says sinuses look fabulous. Since surgery persistent feeling of... READ MORE

Septoplasty 3 Weeks Ago - Hard Crusts at Opening of Sinus Cavities

I had Septoplasty 3 weeks ago and now have hard crusts at the opening of the sinus cavity on both sides. They seem to have formed from mucous and... READ MORE

Chronic Trouble with my Left Nostril/sinus for over a Year - Pain/nerve/burning/infections/tiredness/no Fever?

Since having a baby I have had trouble with my left nostril/sinus. I have been told I have a deviated septum. It seems to "flare up", it will begin... READ MORE

My Doctor Said He is Leaving the Frontal Sinus Splints in Permanently. Is That Safe?

I had sinus surgery and my forehead sinuses were blocked. I believe they are called the frontal sinuses. When I went back for suctioning, I saw there... READ MORE

Cough, headache, sinus pressure swelling after septoplasty ( 6 weeks after op)

I had Septoplasty surgery 6 weeks ago. After Surgery Clarithromycin for 7 days. 2 days after I started coughing, dry tickling cough from throat. I did... READ MORE

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