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Septoplasty and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for a Nasal Polyp?

Is it possible to have a septoplasty and endoscopic sinus surgery for a nasal polyp at the same time? Are the side effects similar? How long is the... READ MORE

Can Septoplasty Cause Sleep Apnea?

I believe it is from scarring. The surgery was 9 months ago. I never and repeat never had sleep apnea and I am not overweight and rather thin and in... READ MORE

Septoplasty Side Effects - Dorsal Augmentation, Turbinate Reduction

I have posted a few questions on this site regarding septoplasty and dorsal augmentation. I will be getting both in junction with turbinate reduction.... READ MORE

Will Septoplasty and turbinate reduction solve phlegm issues?

I have had recurring sinus infections, congestion, minor nose bleeds, and phlegm problems for several years. I tried 2 nasal sprays, Flonase and... READ MORE

I was thinking about getting a turbinate reduction since my nose congestion has been unbearable lately.

I was researching side effects of turbinectomy and came across a few sites that mention Empty Nose Syndrome. What are the chances that if I have my... READ MORE

I had septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery a week ago. Wondering if I can remove the splint myself and when?

I asked this question b/c I can not contact my doctor because I had the surgery out of my country. The Dr. Told me the splint will cone out in time on... READ MORE

Does smoking have an effect on a Septoplasty / Nasal reconstruction?

It's been over a month since my surgery and I started smoking cigarettes here and there once and a while. I was really worried if it would be effect... READ MORE

Septoplasty clarification. Is it safe to have a flight in 3 weeks?

I am 34y male had septoplasty on 19th (3 days ago) iam still on antibiotics and two small splints are still inside nose and plan to remove in 7 days.... READ MORE

When will it be okay to smoke weed after a septoplasty?

I got my septoplasty done about 2 days ago and was wondering if i could smoke to help with the pain. Are there any bad side effects? I am taking 5... READ MORE

Septoplasty and Later Symptoms?

Last Oct, I had septoplasty for clear breathing from my left nostril and after few days symptons got to start: severe left side pain shooting all the... READ MORE

4 weeks post-op. Dr removed scar tissue in nasal passage. What are side effects of this procedure?

All follow up appts have been great. But yesterday dr saw some scar tissue in both nasal passages he felt needed removed. The pain was the worst i... READ MORE

I have a deviated nose bridge and a deviated septum. I had my septoplasty a month ago but my deviated nose bridge is still there

I got a septoplasty that changed my nostrils shape. he said it was a side effect of the procedure. i told him i wanted a straight nose but I still... READ MORE

I had septoplasty + FESS surgery, it's been four months since I had the operation and it's still painful, what can I do?

Before the surgery, I was on medicines related to sinus + polyps, now i am having to face side effects of those medicines plus after surgery still... READ MORE

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