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Septoplasty to Include Fixing Nose Hump?

I may have to have a Septoplasty but I also have a small dorsal hump that I want removed. I do not wish to change the shape of my nose, just to get... READ MORE

Are my breathing problems because of my nose shape or deviated septum?

I currently have bad breathing problems through my nose and also a snoring problem, i was wondering if this could be because of a deviated septum, and... READ MORE

Molding Nose with Finger After Rhinoplasty?

I recently had surgery, Rhino/Septo to be exact. It's been about a week and a half and I saw my surgeon today. He is a very highly decorated surgeon,... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post-Op Revision Septorhinoplasty: When Will I See Final Results?

I am now into my 4th week following a revisional septorhinoplasty. Overall I am pleased with the results despite the fact that I have some uneven... READ MORE

Nose Looks Shorter and Tip Not So Droopy After Septoplasty, Spreader Graft and Turbinate Reduction?

Yesterday, my son had Septoplasty, spreader graft and turbinate red. Upon seeing him in recovery, his nose looks shorter and very straight (cast on).... READ MORE

What does a septoplasty do for a deviated septum and the shape of the tip of the nose? (Photo)

I have a deviated septum curving to the right of my nose. my right nostril is larger than my left and hangs closer to my lip then the left. Also from... READ MORE

Will a Revision Septoplasty Change my Nose Shape? Preventative Measures?

Hello,I had a Septoplasty /turbinate reduction years ago. I injured my nose and have been having trouble breathing for over a year. A BC PS is going... READ MORE

Will Medicaid cover a septoplasty? Does it change the shape of your nose? Where would I go to get a consultation? (photo)

I've asked a few questions on here and have realized I do in fact have a deviated septum. I never had my nose broken, so never thought about it too... READ MORE

Can a C shaped deviated septum cause reduced smell on the opposite clearer nostril?

I have a deviated septum filling my right nostril 90% ish and externally leans to the left quite marked. In the last year ive started noticing my... READ MORE

I am 2 weeks post Septo/Rhinoplasty. Will my nose become defined and less shapeless as the swelling dissipates?

I recently had a septoplasty/rhinoplasty (no bones were broken) almost 2 weeks ago and my cast was removed last week. I was extremely swelled (I have... READ MORE

Revision Septoplasty?

Had Sinus surgery/Septoplasty March 31. Turbinates not touched (said normal), doc says sinuses look fabulous. Since surgery persistent feeling of... READ MORE

Are permanent sutures used in septoplasty behind the nose tip?

I had a septoplasty 6 months ago after an injury (closed septoplasty, no rhinoplasty). In the past week I found what I thought was a pimple or abscess... READ MORE

Pain and change in nose shape after deviated septum surgery

After my surgery, 4 1/2 months later, I am experiencing pain on my bone. I also noticed my bone sticking out a bit, leaving a slight hump on my nose,... READ MORE

Able to breathe on 3rd day after mucus coming out. Will anything happen to my nose if I laugh?

It is the 3rd day after my seotopjasty operation. When I sneezed with my mouth open on my right nostril all the mucus and blood came out also I am... READ MORE

I got a septoplasty about a month ago. The nostrils used to have almost an identical shape and now they are different.

My cast was removed 2 weeks after my surgery because he told me that the longer, the straighter the nose. He then gave me this tape thing that I was... READ MORE

Can deviated septums really be fixed over time? (Photo)

So im 13 and i have a deviated septum, my moms nose doctor told her that i couldnt have surgery due to my age and because i have no breathing... READ MORE

What is the cost of septoplasty? My septum is damaged and s-shaped. (Photo)

I went to see a ENT specialist yesterday and he told me that i possibly might need to have septoplasty done as my septum is damaged and S-shaped. I... READ MORE

Coordinating nose straighten and shape with septoplasty to fix deviation in both right and left side?

I have a lot of issues in my nose, along with tinnitus, syncope (mostly pre-syncope), migraines, facial numbness, throat discomfort. I received a... READ MORE

Nose shape changed after septoplasty (photos)

Sir i had surgery about 6 months back . my nose is totally changed, it was pointy before but now it is fat and ugly... plus i have my left nostril... READ MORE

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