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Risks from Perforated Septum if Left Untreated?

I always have an abnormal amount of dried mucus, crusting and scabbing in my nose and it's always stuffed. Thus, I'm forever picking my nose to... READ MORE

Septoplasty Vs Rhino-septoplasty for Deviated Septum?

I have a deviated septum on the left side and a quite obvious hump on the nose. Is it possible to get rid of both problems with Septoplasty? Or do I... READ MORE

What Does It Feel Like to Have a Splint Removed After a Septoplasty?

How much pain should one expect when its time to have the splint removed after nose surgery? Is the pain a dull ache or sharp, shooting, pain? READ MORE

Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction

My nose gets congested on 1 side then switches later. believe this is a turbinate obstruction. during a septoplasty would they remove this entirely?... READ MORE

Does a Septum Piercing Cause a Deviated Septum Problem?

Against my mothers wishes (sorry ma) i plan on getting a septum piercing so i can wear a CBR.., before doing it, am i going to cause a deviated septum... READ MORE

I Got a Septoplasty, to Straighten My Septum, How Long Do I Need My Splints in For?

I Got a Septoplasty  ,to Straighten my Septum ,I Have Splints ,how Long Do I Need to Have Them in For? READ MORE

Can a Deviated Septum Cause Persistent Throat Infections?

Can the persistent throat infections be result of deviated septum? Do I need a septoplasty? READ MORE

Would Fixing Deviated Septum Be Considered a Cosmetic Procedure?

I'm looking into getting my deviated septum fixed in the near future. Would that be considered cosmetic even though I have trouble breathing and... READ MORE

What Are the Three Options for Anesthesia During Septoplasty?

Is one type of anesthesia referred to as twilight sedation? How often is this option used during septoplasty? READ MORE

How is Septoplasty Performed?

I have been diagnosed with a deviated septum. Instead of being centrally aligned, the central part of my septum is skewed into my left nostril and... READ MORE

Is Surgery the Only Option to Improve Bad Breath Caused by Deviated Suptum?

My boyfriend has a deviated septum. He has to breathe with his mouth open when he sleeps so the morning breath is terrible. Even after brushing and... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty for Enlarged Turbinate with Deviated Septum?

I have an enlarged turbinate with a deviated septum. In my X-Ray scan, haziness is seen in right frontal sinus. Opacity is seen in left nasal cavity.... READ MORE

How fragile is the septum after septoplasty?

Once the septum is repaired during septoplasty, how resilient is it?   I underwent septoplasty, turbinate resection and sinus polypectomy on... READ MORE

Could Deviated Septum Cause Same Symptoms As Panic Attack?

My son has been diagnosed by an ENT doctor with a deviated septum. Before this he experienced trouble waking up all through the night, was put on... READ MORE

Breathing Problem After Turbinate Reduction and Septoplasty?

I had an enlarged turbinate with a deviated septum. In my X-Ray scan, haziness is seen in right frontal sinus. Opacity is seen in left nasal cavity.... READ MORE

Can Nostril Size Be Evened Without Full Septo-rhinoplasty?

I have a deviated nasal septum which has made my nose moderately crooked on one side, and one nostril bigger than the other. Apart from some... READ MORE

Crooked Columella and Deflected Caudal Septum After Septoplasty

After my septoplasty, my columella seems crooked and you can see the bottom of my septum through my right nostril. I don't feel this is caused by... READ MORE

How Will Septo-rhinoplasty Be Done for Bone Blocking Nose?

I'm having a septorhinoplasty done soon, mainly to straighten the septum, but also because I have a bit of bone blocking the left side of my nose (on... READ MORE

Septoplasty Insurance Coverage and Tip Refinement

I have a deviated septum and it makes it hard to breath. I have Medicaid and other insurance but I have been wanting to refine the tip of my nose as... READ MORE

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