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Sinus Headaches Only on the Right Side After Rhino/septoplasty with a Turbinate Reduction.

I had my procedure on July 7, 2011. Since then, I have consistently had sinus headaches and pain only on the right side. Sometimes it's so painful... READ MORE

Why Can't I Stop Sneezing After Septoplasty and Turbinectomy?

Hi, I recently had a septoplasty, turbinectomy and rhinoplasty one month ago. This was because I couldn't breath at night. I'm doing the nasal... READ MORE

Ive Been Sleeping on my Side Post Septorhinoplasty, Have a Ruined my Results? (photo)

I had septorhinoplasty 6 days ago and keeo waking up to find ive shifted onto my side during the night. I managed the first 2 nights on my back but... READ MORE

How Will Septo-rhinoplasty Be Done for Bone Blocking Nose?

I'm having a septorhinoplasty done soon, mainly to straighten the septum, but also because I have a bit of bone blocking the left side of my nose (on... READ MORE

When is a Spreader Graft Needed During a Septoplasty Procedure?

Where is the cartilage taken from when a spreader graft is needed for septoplasty? READ MORE

What to Expect 2 Weeks After Septorhinoplasty?

I'm a 20 year old male that just went for open septorhinoplasty with turbinate reduction about a week ago. My nose still feels very stuffy and blocked... READ MORE

The Incision in my Nostril Has Opened 2 Weeks After Septorhinoplasty, Should I be Worried?

I had a septorhinoplasty 3 weeks ago, 1 week ago a scab came away from just inside my nostril and it looks like an incision as opened up, it is red... READ MORE

Can I Re-Start Boxing 1 Month After Septorhinoplasty?

Hello, I recently had septorhinoplasty about a month ago and my nose feels strong. I did not have much swelling after the cast was removed. Can I... READ MORE

Septum Still Deviated After Septoplasty?

Hi I had a septoplasty/rhinoplasty about 8 months ago. I recently visited my doctor with concerns of not being able to breathe at night. He looked and... READ MORE

Excessive crust build up after septorhinoplasty?

My surgeon and my post op nurses emphasized to NOT clean or touch the inside of my nose however i have excessive crusting which seems to completely... READ MORE

Can Septoplasty help improve the appearance of my nose?

I broke my nose a while ago since then i have a huge hump and wide bottom... from the front its not too bad but when i smile and from the side its... READ MORE

How long do I saline rinse after septorhinoplasty?

I am nearly 3 weeks post op after a septorhinoplasty with turbinate reduction. My surgeon initially said to do saline flushes 3 times a day, but never... READ MORE

Tonsillectomy and a Septoplasty Surgeries Together?

Can a tonsillectomy and a septoplasty be performed at the same time, or should they be two separate surgeries and recoveries? READ MORE

Is Oozing Bright Red Blood Normal 4-5 Days Post Septo/rhino? There's Been No Bleeding, Just Clear Mucus Days 1-3 PO? (photo)

I had a septorhino w turb red I had no bleeding PO 1-3 only clear mucus Day 4 some bright red mucous discharge from my right nostril It stopped PO day... READ MORE

What Could I Expect From Insurance Coverage If I Combined Septoplasty and Tip Rhinoplasty?

I will soon be getting a septoplasty, which my insurance will cover completely, done to improve my breathing. I've been considering getting a tip... READ MORE

Will my Nostrils Stay Uneven After Septorhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a septorhinoplasty done 1 wk ago after years of being unhappy with my uneven nostrils and bulbous tip. I am due to have the cast off in 3 days... READ MORE

Can You Recommend a Surgeon in Austin for SeptoRhinoplasty?

18 yr old female had a Septoplasty in 5/09. She sustained a subsequent injury to her nose and has received recommendation for Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for the Main Swelling to Subside Following Septorhinoplasty?

I had a septorhinoplasty procedure two weeks ago today. I had my stitches out and steri strips off yesterday. It was quite a shock when I saw myself,... READ MORE

How Much Swelling is Too Much?

I had septo/turbinate/rhino on Tues. It's now Thurs. The swelling and pain has been unbearable for the past 2 days. I feel like my nose is being... READ MORE

Why Did my Nose Peel and Break out in Pimples After Septoplasty Surgery? (photo)

Nose started to peel after surgery, almost like i had a sun burn...but i didnt and now its red and has a bunch of white pimples or acnes spots READ MORE

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