Septal Perforation + Septoplasty

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Can a Septal Perforation Be Fixed? Does It Need To Be?

Hello I hear Septal perforation can be fixed? is this true? the other Question do people live okay with a septal Perforations? Mine is from a Surgery?... READ MORE

Can nasal splints cause septum perforation after septoplasty and turbinate reduction?

I just got my splints removed couple of days ago, now when i look inside one nostril while directing a flashlight on the other nostril i can see a... READ MORE

Will my Insurance Company Cover Septal Perforation?

I was wondering if my insurance provider Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona would cover this. I have the Blue Portfolio Plus Plan and have tried... READ MORE

Septal Perforation Repair - Post-op? (photo)

I recently had a septal perforation repair. Everything looks great on one side however though the other nostril, I am unable to breathe in/out. It... READ MORE

Nasal perforation post Septoplasty?

I had Septoplasty surgery 10 years back. Now i have been diognised with nasal septum perforation. I am suffering from bleeding, nose blockage,... READ MORE

Perforated Septum From Sutent- Options?

My husband is in the 3rd week of his second cycle of Sutent 50 mg daily (4 wks on / 2 wks off) taken for stage 4 RCC. He had a radical left... READ MORE

How Can I Find out if I Developed a Septal Perforation Following Septoplasty?

I had surgery last december with no complications other than a constat feeling of numbness(and sometimes mild pain) , on the interior of my nose, that... READ MORE

Can a 12 mm Septal Perforation Be Fixed? How? What methods can be used excepting the silicone?

I have a friend who is desperate because of her septal perforation, because she cannot breath well, her nose gets too dry, her eyes sometimes hurt,... READ MORE

Is it possible I have a septal perforation and my ENT did not notice or mention it?

I used cocaine for 1 year, stopped 2 years ago. 2 months ago I visited ENT 2x to discuss deviated septum. He did exams, discussed surgical correction... READ MORE

Empty Nose Syndrome 15 months post Inferior Turbinate Surgery and Septoplasty

I had bilateral turbinate surgery over 15 months a go but still i am having difficulty breathing.Approximately 70 percent of my turbinates were cut... READ MORE

Septal perforation from a septoplasty, nose keeps whistling constantly, any ways to fix this other than surgery?

I have a tiny septal perforation from a septoplasty and my nose does not stop whistling, any way to solve this issue until i get surgery to fix it? I... READ MORE

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