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Saddle nose after a Septoplasty done on the 14th of April. Is it possible my nose is still swollen? (photos)

My ENT who did my septoplasty said he noticed weak cartridge near the tip of my nose and had to reinforce it with other cartilage, therefore it seemed... READ MORE

1wk after septoplasty- Do I have saddle nose deformity? If so, is this likely to improve by healing or worsen with time? (Photo)

PS and I agreed a 'subtle' effect was desired, reducing the hump and tip slightly. After surgery, my PS said that he had needed to perform a... READ MORE

Does this look like the beginnings of saddle nose deformity? (Photo)

I had a minimal septorhinoplasty done (with bridge rasping only) six weeks ago and immediately noticed an indent in my supratip area right when the... READ MORE

Is this saddle nose? Can it be repaired? (Photo)

I have had two recent Sinus surgeries/septoplasty. I had a post op SSI after the first surgery in Jan 2014. I had another surgery in 2015 for... READ MORE

Saddle nose deformity after septoplasty? (Photo)

I had a septoplasty (as well as turbinate reduction, ethmoidectomy & sphenoidectomy) on Feb. 2 2016 Today I noticed my nose from a profile view and am... READ MORE

Is this a saddle nose deformity? Why does my skin look so lumpy ? Why do I still have bruising around the bridge of my nose? (ph

In dec2015 I got punched in the nose then I had a septoplasty in feb2016 got worried about the look of my nose& went to another doc in April16 he then... READ MORE

Is this Saddle Nose Deformity after Septoplasty? (Photo)

One month ago, I had a closed septoplasty/turbinate reduction done by a triple board certified plastic surgeon. I did not want to change the outside... READ MORE

Would doctors intentionally sacrifice the aesthetic look of a nose in order to improve a patient's breathing?

I had a high septal deviation and the doctor removed a portion of cartilage that was causing it and now I have a mild saddle nose. My question is, is... READ MORE

Is this a superior L strut method? (Photos)

Dr. Kim describes a newer L strut method, whereby a curved angle is used in lieu of a 90 degree angle cut near the top of the nasal bridge. This adds... READ MORE

Is this a saddle nose or another type of collapse? Septoplasty/tip only ear cartilage grafts. (photo)

I'm 6 weeks PO. No rhino was done on my bridge as it was straight prior to surgery. Surgery for deviated septum/inverted V/collapse. Last min decision... READ MORE

My question: is it possible for the cartilage and bony septum to regrow completely after submucous resection of both sections?

Suspected cartilage bone in septum regrowth after septoplasty 10 years ago--had functional septoplasty done 10 years ago at 20 years of age, after the... READ MORE

Is this a saddle nose or was something not supported right? I had a septoplasty with ear cartilage grafts put in the tip (Photo)

I'm 6 weeks PO. My dr said this is swelling but also said if the hump isn't gone by 3 months then I may need a rasping at 6 months. No bump prior, I... READ MORE

Had a septoplasty; saddle nose deformity results but saddle nose went away on it's own?

Doctor's told me on her once they removed cartilage it doesn't grow back, they are wrong it does although it took 10 years. I had septoplasty and my... READ MORE

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