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Risks from Perforated Septum if Left Untreated?

I always have an abnormal amount of dried mucus, crusting and scabbing in my nose and it's always stuffed. Thus, I'm forever picking my nose to... READ MORE

Sex After Septoplasty and Sinus Surgery?

Hello, I've had an endoscopic sinus surgery and septoplasty some days ago. My doctor didn't gave me any specific guidance, and I've had sex with my... READ MORE

Risk of Perforated Septum After Another Septoplasty?

I underwent Septoplasty a few years ago, but to inadequate satisfaction. I wonder, if I have the procedure again, do I risk a "perforated septum"? If... READ MORE

I Accidentally Pulled out a Suture 5 Days After Septoplasty Surgery

Hello, I had septoplasty surgery on Friday July 8th. I had mucus and blood coming out of my nose for about 3 days and it stopped. Now I have a bunch... READ MORE

What's the Risk of Empty Nose Syndrome with Septal Surgery and Turbinate Reduction?

My ENT doctor says I need surgery for a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates. I was ready to have the surgery until I started reading about others... READ MORE

Damage to Septoplasty 1 Month Post Op?

Its been a whole month since my septoplasty and still i am constantly worried that i am going to hit my nose and undo the results of the surgery. Its... READ MORE

Does Closed Septoplasty Weaken the Nose?

Well this procedure involves removal of part of the septum. Does it weaken the nose structure and is there a risk of the nose collapsing? Should I be... READ MORE

Extracorporeal Septoplasty - Very Risky? Does It Weaken the Nose?

I had reconstructive septorhinoplasty a year ago, the surgeon was a jack of all trades and did many different procedures. Initially my nose appeared... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Both Fix a Very Deviated Septum and Reshape the Nose in One Operation?

I understand fixing a deviated septum can result in a loss of a lot of blood and some Doctors insist on doing two separate operations. My Doctor said... READ MORE

Nasal passage scar tissue removal surgery suggested. What are the risks and how well does the surgery work?

About ten years ago I had my nose operated on in order to help me breathe better. Since then though it feels like I always have a stuffed up nose. My... READ MORE

Heavy Lifting After Septoplasty?

When they say no heavy lifting after a septoplasty, what is considered heavy lifting . And is the concern with heavy lifting have more to do with... READ MORE

Is it safe to have septoplasty at age 16?

Is it safe to have a septoplasty at 16 READ MORE

Inferior Turbinate Reduction Procedure and risks?

Hi, I'm scheduled to have Septoplasty with Inferior Turbinate Reduction to relieve nasal obstruction. I am concerned about developing Empty Nose... READ MORE

Is a nose job going to ruin my face? (photos)

Hello. I have minor bent nasal septum. I have spoken to a surgeon on my area he has recommended septoplasty. Due to me having a bit of a protruding... READ MORE

What is the chance of developing Empty Nose Syndrome from a septoplasty or rhinoplasty?

I had heard some patients had developed ENS even though their turbines weren't touched, is ENS a risk with any kind of rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Is septoplasty a "serious surgery"?

I've never had surgery before but would like to be able to breathe freely. I'm getting a simple septoplasty. Is this surgery "a quick fix" and I will... READ MORE

Deviated Septum came back after Rhinoplasty & my doctor said Septoplasty is too dangerous. What are my other options? (photos)

11 months post op.  I went to my doc and asked him about a septoplasty. He said my septum is BY FAR the strongest he's ever seen. He consulted... READ MORE

Is it ok to pluck out nose hairs?

My nose is full of dense, thick, black nose hairs. I can't help but every so often pluck as many as I can out. The first time I plucked my nose hairs... READ MORE

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