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How Long Does It Take to Feel Results from Septoplasty?

I had my septoplasty surgery almost 2 months ago, and so far I still haven't feel good about the result. Although I sleep better but the air flow is... READ MORE

I Had a Septorhinoplasty Five Days Ago Was Worried if Bones Moved From Laughing?

I had a septorhinoplasty 5 days ago, and I have a splint on it. However I recently laughed (with facial expression/cheeks raised), and was wondering... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post-Op Revision Septorhinoplasty: When Will I See Final Results?

I am now into my 4th week following a revisional septorhinoplasty. Overall I am pleased with the results despite the fact that I have some uneven... READ MORE

2 Months Post-op Septorhinoplasty. Do I Need Revision?

It's been 2 months since my septorhinoplasty and I'm very concerned because my nose looks worse than before. Half the cast did not adhere... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Give Me a 'Normal' Nose? (photo)

I'm getting a Septorhinoplasty done in a little less than 3 weeks. I'm super anxious/excited, but I don't want to get my hopes up too much. I... READ MORE

Septum Visibly Deviated Following Septorhinoplasty

SRP in 09.When the external splint was removed at 1week my septum was visibly deviated to the left.It remained that way even after swelling went down... READ MORE

How long till I see results after my Septoplasty? (Photo)

I had a deviated septum where you could see my septum up through my nostril. I just got back from the doctor after the surgery and am concern that you... READ MORE

What else can I do about a chronic runny nose (even after a turbinate reduction & septoplasty that was done 2 years ago)?

The surgery didn't help & my septum was more crooked. I expressed my concerns about the results of the surgery with the doctor that preformed the... READ MORE

Can the septum move back out of place?

I had a septorhinoplasty procedure performed on 22/07. After the operation, my septum appeared to be significantly straightened and my nostrils equal.... READ MORE

Bumped nose after septoplasty/rhinoplasty 3 days ago? (Photo)

After breaking my nose I had a septoplasty/rhinoplasty 3 days ago. My surgeon took my splint off early b/c he needed to leave on vacation. He said it... READ MORE

Does pushing the nose tip after septoplasty cause damage to the result?

I am 4 weeks post-Septoplasty. The right side of my septum used to be quite convex. yesterday I accidentally pushed the tip of my nose to the right... READ MORE

Extremely worried on the worsening asymmetry 12 days post-op?

I had a septoplasty to fix my deviated septum, a graft done and a dorsal hump removed so def some extensive work and I don't expect things to look... READ MORE

Do ALL plastic surgeons give bad results sometimes?

I'm searching for a surgeon around Boston, MA to give me a septoplasty and consultation. I keep looking at surgeons, but EVERY single surgeon I search... READ MORE

Got septal perforation after a failure of nasal surgery - impact of passive smoking/smoking?

Hello doctor, I have septal perforation in my nose. And precisely i have 2 holes in my nose bridge not sure about their sizes, the only major thing i... READ MORE

Are the results of my rhinoplasty/septoplasty good/noticeable? Nose still looks crooked to me (Photos)

I'm about 6 weeks post surgery and my nose seems to look almost the same as before. I have a follow up with the doctor in about 3 weeks but would like... READ MORE

Septum Deviating Again - Timeframe and Reommendations for Prevention?

I had a caudal septoplasty op 5 days ago (no splints) and my nose seems to be healing well and I am pleased with the result. My nose is not perfect... READ MORE

Can a Caudal Septoplasty Change the Appearance of my Nose? (photo)

I have consulted a plastic surgeon in the past in regards to rhinoplasty and the price was over $20,000; way too much! He did however mention that it... READ MORE

Incision open 11 days after rhinoplasty/septoplasty? (Photo)

The disolvable stitches have dissolved too soon on the inside my right nostril. The incision is opening and closing when I move my mouth. My doctor... READ MORE

Drainage/soreness of my nose 8 days after septoplasty with bilateral inferior turbinate outfracture - normal?

I still have drainage very similar to having a runny nose , and i notice it increases when i move around more. Also it feels very sore toward the... READ MORE

Had a septoplasty; saddle nose deformity results but saddle nose went away on it's own?

Doctor's told me on her once they removed cartilage it doesn't grow back, they are wrong it does although it took 10 years. I had septoplasty and my... READ MORE

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