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Would the Removal of a Septal Bone Spur Alter the Appearance of My Nose?

I recently had an MRI done because I have sinus problems and it revealed a large septal bone spur. Would the removal of the septal spur alter the... READ MORE

Following Open Septoplasty my Doctor Says He Will Only Remove my Nasal Splint After One Month Has Passed , is This Normal?

I an almost 3 weeks now post the open septoplasty . I had very bad swelling all over my face followed by bad bruising around the eyes which has now... READ MORE

I'm an Opera Singer Who's Having a Septoplasty and Polyp Removal Surgery Next Week, How Will This Affect my Singing Voice?

According to my doctor about 75 percent of my left nostril is blocked due to a deviated septum and several nasal polyps. Will this affect my voice in... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Operation. Can You Wear Underwear and Socks During the Procedure?

I am having an open septo-rhinoplasty procedure on Monday and am very nervous so have been researching everything possible on the internet about it... READ MORE

Why is the Bent Septal Cartilage Sometimes Removed, Sometime Reshaped in Septoplasty?

I mean in what cases, it should be removed, in what cases, it just need to be reshaped? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get my Dorsal Hump Removed (Rhinoplasty) During my Septoplasty?

I'm a guy and I've been uncomfortable with it for so long and hate this hump on my nose. How can I convince my doctor to get this done for free. I'm... READ MORE

Can My Insurance Pay for Bump Removal on My Nose During Surgery for My Deviated Septum?

The doctor told me that i need surgery because of some chronic inflamation in my nose and a deviated septum. Because of that I snore and can't sleep... READ MORE

I am 5 days post septoplasty (turbinates also fixed, bone spurs and haller cells removed.) How may I treat my allergies?

I do nasal rinses 5-6 times a day already. I am having problems because I must breathe through my mouth as a result of congestion and every night my... READ MORE

How to remove remaining blood clots after septoplasty?

I had my septoplasty done 9 days ago, I am daily rinsing my nose with saline water, but there are still some dry blood clots left. How to remove them?... READ MORE

I recently had rhinoplasty/septoplasty. Can Alar Rim Grafts Be Removed?

I recently had rhinoplasty/septoplasty. My surgeon said I had too much nostril show, so I agreed to alar rim grafts crafted from septal cartilage. I... READ MORE

Is it OK to remove the splints/stent 3 or 4 days post septoplasty surgery?

My appointment is on the 7th day to remove but having a lot of problem breathing through my mouth. I think ive caught a cold/flu after the second day.... READ MORE

Can Doctors Tell the Septal Cartilage Was Removed or Reshaped in Septoplasty by CT Image?

If it was removed, can doctors tell where and how much it was removed by CT image´╝č READ MORE

Septum Removal and Re-implantation the Better Way to Correct a Deviated Septum?

Is the complete removal of a deviated septum, restructure and re-implantation during surgery a better way of correcting a deviated septum? Is this... READ MORE

Is the Removal of a Hump Necessary in Cases of Severe Nose Deviation Due to Fractures?

I had nasal surgery because I couldn't breath out of my nose. I had a ┬┤double deviated septum' and apparently part of one of the deviations was on ... READ MORE

How much cartilage is removed for septoplasty?

When performing septoplasty or harvesting the area for grafting material how much cartilage is generally removed? If you take too much would that mean... READ MORE

Is it okay to remove splints/stents 3 days after septoplasty? Also, why can I get more air out of one nostril and not evenly?

I had septoplasty and turbinate reduction. Had splints/stents placed inside of nose. Was supposed to have them removed 6 days after procedure. Had... READ MORE

Splint Removal after Septoplasty? 7 or 10 days? (photo)

Hi everyone Thank you to all the doctors that answered my first question on my crooked nose and septoplasty. I am 5 days out from my Septoplasty (he... READ MORE

Scratched the inside of my nose post-septoplasty, and now my nose hurts. Is this serious?

Hi Docs: I had my septorhinoplasty 10 days back. 2 days back, while sleeping i felt itching in one of my nostrils and i accidentally happened to... READ MORE

I just had a Septoplasty and removal of turbinates earlier today; how long will it bleed for?

I had my surgery today, around 10:30am. I woke from the surgery feeling great. Then around 4pm the pain meds stopped working and my left nostril... READ MORE

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