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Do I Have Step Deformity? (photo)

Im 2 weeks post op, but the day the cast was removed i had two ridges going down either side of nose, at first i was sure if this was the casts... READ MORE

Open reduction nasal fracture?

I consulted with a plastic surgeon to undergo a septoplasty with turbinate reduction, as well as "open reduction nasal fracture". Externally, my nose... READ MORE

Does a Septoplasty and Alar Base Reduction Count As a Primary Rhinoplasty?

I had alar base reduction and a septoplasty done- The septo was 4 both breathing and cosmetic reasons as the nose was twisting slightly to the side.... READ MORE

How much it may cost to add the tip reduction/lift to my septoplasty operation?

I have a deviated septum and am planning to get Septoplasty to correct my breathing problems most likely from an Ear, Nose, Throat Dr. I am also... READ MORE

Did I mess up doing surgery too soon after my septoplasty? Is possible to get nasal bone reduction 3-4 months after injury?

Got punched in Dec&fractured my nose&hospital said to wait 6mons but I missed the 2 week period to fix it cause of this but in February I had a... READ MORE

Could a nasal base reduction or tip refinement help establish a more aesthetic view from straight on? (Photo)

I am getting a septoplasty because I have had trouble breathing after wrestling for much of my childhood. I was wondering if a significant alar or... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty - Will my swelling go down? (Photo)

It is now two months since my septorhinoplasty and swelling has reduced in all areas below the bridge of my nose however it actually looks and feels... READ MORE

What exactly is a open reduction of nasal fracture and how is it preformed?

Hello, I'm having a septoplasty next week and an Open Reduction of nasal fracture to fix my crooked nose. My question to you is what exactly is an... READ MORE

What is the most precise form of turbinate reduction?

500 characters isn't enough to relay all the necessary information of what my situation is. I also know this website is only for advice in a general... READ MORE

Pain in Turbinates 11 Weeks After Reduction and Septoplasty? (photo)

I have been through 4 surgeries in the past year. 1) septoplasty, balloonplasty to right side with removal of polyp 2) polyp removal 3) balloonplasty... READ MORE

Painful nose tip 2 weeks post septoplasty.

I had a septoplasty and reducation of inferior turbinates 2 weeks ago. My septum was blocking the right side. Surgeon said the surgery went great,... READ MORE

Still Have Issues After Septoplasty

Septoplasty, turbinates, nasal valve, still issues? Had a septo/open nose fracture reduct followed later by other above two procedures as surgeons... READ MORE

Was it possible to deproject me without changing my front so much?

Hi , I am 4 weeks post op. I do realize it is very soon- but I had alar based reduction major deprojection , tip reduction , septoplasty and a bump... READ MORE

3 months post-op; how much swelling and callus is left?

I am three months post up from a nasal bone reduction & filing after a nasal fracture however two prior to that I had a septoplasty after some bad... READ MORE

6 months post-op should I still have congestion when I lay down?

I am 6 mos post op from a septoplasty for a horrific deviated septum, turbinate reduction and a rhinoplasty. Since my cast was taken off my breathing... READ MORE

Septoplasty 2 Year Ago / Revision Question /

Surgeon reduced my hanging columella and used onlay grafts on the tip. 2 yr post, this was my result. 1 : Tension on the central upper lip 2: Base of... READ MORE

When can I expect full recovery or perhaps I won't see recovery? 1 month post-op.

Septum surgery 061217,Loss of smell,dull sense of taste,massive frontal headaches (hardly ever before),pressure front to sides leading to slight loss... READ MORE

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