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Septoplasty with Nasal Valve Reconstruction?

I have a deviated septum. My ENT recommends a septoplasty operation in conjunction with nasal valve reconstruction (warranted because I have thin... READ MORE

I Am Scheduled to Have Reconstructive Septorhinoplasty, Could Anyone Explain This Procedure to Me? (photo)

I am scheduled to have reconstructive septorhinoplasty to correct my breathing problems. What will be the major procedures that will take place in... READ MORE

Nasal valve stenosis

I had 2 septoplasty done last one being over a year ago ..they were done by a plastic surgeon ..I now have blockage at the tip of my nose ....will... READ MORE

I just received septoplasty but my nose still is super crooked? Is more broken than just my septum?

I went to see an ENT specialist and she told me I had a deviated septum because I complained of nose problems (breathing, crookedness). I had surgery... READ MORE

Is no bruising after my procedure normal?

I recently had septoplasty, rhinoplasty, turnbinate reduction, and vestibular reconstruction by the wonderful Dr. Anil R. Shah just 2 days ago.... READ MORE

How long does radiofrequency turbinate ablation take to fully heal?

I've had a septoplasty (deviated to the left) and nasal valve (on the right) reconstruction a year ago and the nasal valve still collapses. Today I... READ MORE

After septoplasty surgery I have breathing issues; why?

I had a deviated septum on the left side of my nose.I had septoplasty and reconstruction a week ago. I can breathe perfect in and out of left nostril... READ MORE

Why can't I breathe a year later after my deviated septum/ nasal reconstruction surgery?

The surgery was to fix my septum, clear my sinuses, and I had a broken bone. The surgery took an hour and a half longer then it was supposed to. The... READ MORE

Breathing worse and sense of smell lost after 2nd septoplasty with clear cavities? 2nd was also valve reconstruction & rhino.

I had a septoplasty in February. The deviated septum was natural (not due to injury). I breathed better, but not well enough, and sense of smell... READ MORE

Since my reconstruction, I can't sneeze through my nose. When I sneeze, I can feel it get redirected to out my soft palate.

My turbinates got removed and i have a tiny hole on the inner lining of the nose near the tip. That s the only area i can breathe thru and blow my... READ MORE

I had a septal reconstruction and bilateral inferior turbinate reduction, and still my breathing as not improved.

I couldn't breath well out of my left nostril, after the surgery everything was healing a bit slower. I still can't breath well out of my left nostril... READ MORE

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