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Why Am I Still Breathing Bad 6 Months After Septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty and turbinoplasty back in January. My breathing has not improved at all. To be honest it feels worse. I have gone to my Dr. many... READ MORE

Bump on Nose 3 Months After Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction?

I had a septoplasty & turbinate reduction approx 3 months ago. It seems like the swelling is gone, but i have a bump on the right side of my nose... READ MORE

Why Do I Have a Crease and Bulges Under my Nose Following an Open Rhinoplasty? (photo)

3 months post septo/rhino. Now when I smile, there's a crease under my nose & bulges under both nostrils. My tip is VERY swollen, beaky &... READ MORE

Is Significant (And Worsening) Pain Normal One Week After Uneventful Septoplasty and Ethmoidectomy? (photo)

I had a revision septoplasty and ethmoidectomy. Everything went as planned, save for the bruise that appeared across the bridge of my nose and down... READ MORE

Loud Breathing After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty/septoplasty 5 weeks ago and although I can breathe well, my family and friends say I breathe loudly. Any reason why that could be?... READ MORE

Nose Looks Shorter and Tip Not So Droopy After Septoplasty, Spreader Graft and Turbinate Reduction?

Yesterday, my son had Septoplasty, spreader graft and turbinate red. Upon seeing him in recovery, his nose looks shorter and very straight (cast on).... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty/septoplasty Just over a Month Ago and I'm Sneezing Nonstop?

And all of yesterday and today I have been sneezing non stop! Has my surgery caused allergies that I will now have permanently or have I just got the... READ MORE

I Had Septorhinoplasty Surgery a Week Ago and I've Developed Rashes Around my Cheeks, Did the Surgery Cause Me to Get Lupus?

I get my nose cast off tomorrow and Im freaking out! Ever since yesterday I've noticed a rough, burning, dry texture around my nose on my cheeks and... READ MORE

Did I Lose my Turbinate During Surgery or is the Septoplasty Stint Pushing It Up into my Nose So That I Can't See It.

I am post-op day 3 and I can see the lower turb in the left nares, but it looks a bit floppy and i do not see on at all on the right side. Is it... READ MORE

Clicking in Nose 3 Weeks Post Surgery?

Hello, I had a septo-rhinoplasty with osteomisis and turbelant reduction. Since day 8 I noticed a "clicking" sound when I bend my head (like something... READ MORE

Extreme debilitating daily headaches 24/7 after septoplasty and subcutaneous resection, why?

I had surgery approx. eight months ago and I have been experiencing debilitating pressure pains and burning sensations in my head ever since. I had an... READ MORE

Why is my nose so wide and swollen looking 18 months post septoplasty? (Photo)

Hi I had a septoplasty 18 months ago by an ENT surgeon on Ireland ..and I feel 18 months on my nose is too wide,shorter and more swollen on the... READ MORE

Runny Nose After Nasal Surgery. What to Do?

I had septoplasty/turbinoplasty about 12 years ago (when I was 21 years old). My nose has been runny ever since. I have had countless opinions on this... READ MORE

Why after my septum surgery is my septum like a bone and not elastic at all? My nose looks a pig style

I had a surgery a month ago but my family says that my nose is not recovered an it looks a little bit like a pig and this is worring is there any... READ MORE

6 months post septorhinoplasty. Why are my turbinates in left nostril swollen and my hump is returning?

I had a septoplasty aswell as a turbinage reduction exactly 6months ago. For the past couple of weeks i have noticed that my left nostrils passage is... READ MORE

Why do I have severe pain and some swelling in 1 nostril (the lowest turbinate) during and after exercise?

I had turbinate reduction/septoplasty sept 2015 after years of meds/breathe right strips destroying my skin. SX went well, recovery too. a few months... READ MORE

Had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction 3 months ago, why is my nose so big now?

I had a Septoplasty & Turbinate reduction in November 2016, I was explicitly told my nose would not get bigger or change it's shape and I'm... READ MORE

I had a septoplasty 18 months ago. I have a deep cut/sore in my nostril near the tip. The tip of my nose is tender.

Wondering what is happening and why. I have burning and crusting with the sore. It often bleeds. I do put neosporin on it for relief. Any reason why... READ MORE

Why is my nasal flap so dry?

I had a nasal septum perforation repair in May 2015 an ever sicne then I have been nothing but miserable!! It's completely dry n unbearable an it... READ MORE

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