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Septoplasty and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for a Nasal Polyp?

Is it possible to have a septoplasty and endoscopic sinus surgery for a nasal polyp at the same time? Are the side effects similar? How long is the... READ MORE

Septoplasty and Nasal Abscess

A month ago I had septoplasty, turbinate reduction and polyp removal. An abscess developed with painful swelling at the... READ MORE

I'm an Opera Singer Who's Having a Septoplasty and Polyp Removal Surgery Next Week, How Will This Affect my Singing Voice?

According to my doctor about 75 percent of my left nostril is blocked due to a deviated septum and several nasal polyps. Will this affect my voice in... READ MORE

Why do I have bumps on both sides of my nose? (photo)

For some reason, Ive developed two lumps on the bridge of my nose. They are on both sides and probably the reason why I've been having post nasal drip... READ MORE

I Have Exposed Septum Cartlidge After Polyp Surgery a Year Ago. Is Any Exposed Cartlidge Normal in the Nose?

I Have Exposed Septum Cartlidge After Polyp Surgery a Year Ago. Is Any Exposed Cartlidge Normal in the Nose? READ MORE

Sneezing 6 Days After Septoplasty/turbinate Reduction/polyp Removal?

I had a septoplasty with turbinate reduction and polyp removed from my Sinuses 6 dad ago. I accidently sneezed this morning and held it in. I felt... READ MORE

Realistic recovery time for FESS septoplasty nasal polyp removal?

Am booked in to have FESS and septoplasty, removal of nasal polyps in 10 days and I am worried about the recovery time as I have a 3 year old daughter... READ MORE

Small polyp after septoplasty. Is it normal? (Photo)

I had septoplast done 9 days ago, still the congestion is still there and breathing has been hell all through out, i noticed a small polip like thing... READ MORE

CT scan indicates polyps, turbinate hyper-trophy, nasal bone spurs and septal deviation.

I know that i need septoplasty . My concern is would septoplasty remove the bone spur that i have at the top left of my nose . Knowing that it was... READ MORE

A little over 2 weeks ago I had Septoplasty; is this swelling normal? (Photos)

Hello! A liitle over 2 weeks ago I had Septoplasty, Polyp Removal, Bilateral Sinus Surgery and Bilateral Alar Batten Graft Placements. The inside of... READ MORE

Nasal septum deviation and nasal polyps

Good morning sir. I I have a frequent congestions of one my nostrils however for a short periods of time they cease. The doctors told me earlier that... READ MORE

Bleeding after 1 month post-op nasal polyp and septum deviation surgery.

I have a surgery for septum deviation and nasal polyp , its been a month now. But the nose is bleeding few times a day . Is this Normal or should i be... READ MORE

Constant sinus infections after septoplasty. What's wrong?

Had septoplasmy and turbinate and polyp removal/ reduction, 8months ago. I've had 5sinus infections and constantly congested. Is there something... READ MORE

Can't breathe properly after septoplasty; what's the problem?

I have done septorhinoplasty and nasal polyp removal before 3 weeks , but till now i can not breath carefully , whats the problem? READ MORE

Does saline irrigation dry out your nose cause I just has septoplasty done?

They reshaped my tirbinates and opened my drainage passages and devitum septum and a bonespur and polyp were all in my nose. READ MORE

In morning I have slight 1 sided nasal congestion, disappears after standing up - different advice from ENTs.

Went to 4 different ENTs in NYC for problems breathing in one nostril at night , one Dr wanted to do a septoplasty , one wanted to just give me... READ MORE

What could nasal passages to be inflamed all the time despite using success surgery and budesonide nasal washes?

Despite having FESS(with polyps removal) and turbinate reduction surgery, I am still experiencing problems 4 months after surgery with constant and... READ MORE

Coughing up clear gel like things day of septoplasty? (Photos)

Had surgery today to fix chronic sinitus, a deviated septum, and the doctor was able to remove a large polyp in my right maxillary sinus. Later in the... READ MORE

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