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Does a Septum Piercing Cause a Deviated Septum Problem?

Against my mothers wishes (sorry ma) i plan on getting a septum piercing so i can wear a CBR.., before doing it, am i going to cause a deviated septum... READ MORE

I want a septoplasty but don't want to remove my new nostril piercing. Can I use a glass or plastic stud during surgery?

I recently pierced my nose two months ago and I'm really proud of it. Repiercing my nose is out of the question as I'm really attached to it. I have... READ MORE

10 years old septum piercing - columella drop and swelling over the years with no pain. What can I do? and what is it? (Photo)

I had my Septum pierced 10 years ago. is it possible it made my columella drop?no pain. the columella is hard, if i push the nose up there is a bump... READ MORE

Would a nose piercing deter a doctor from allowing me to have septoplasty?

I really want to get my deviated septum fixed, and have a consultation with an ENT doctor in about a month. However, I also really want to get my... READ MORE

Will my septum piercing have to get repierced when my nose is healed? (Photo)

I am getting a septoplasty done and I have a septum piercing (it is not my cartilage pierced but the skin under it) when I get this done will the... READ MORE

After a Septoplasty How Long Do I Have Too Wait to Put my Nose Ring Back In?

The doctor said i may have too get one, a couple months back i had a tube going down my nose i think and my doctor said i had a septoplasty but i... READ MORE

Had Septo and Rhinoplasty 5 Years Ago and Now Want a Septum Piercing. Will This Be Ok?

I just don't want it to mess up my nose if I decide to take it out down the road. The piercing is in the area between the cartilage and bottom of... READ MORE

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