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Can a Septal Perforation Be Fixed? Does It Need To Be?

Hello I hear Septal perforation can be fixed? is this true? the other Question do people live okay with a septal Perforations? Mine is from a Surgery?... READ MORE

Bad Smell from Nose After Septoplasty. Took Penicillin For Infection With No Results?

I had a septoplasty surgery 6 months ago and a bad smell started coming off my nose as of 2 months ago. some infection diagnosed by my surgeon and I... READ MORE

Nose Straightening During Septoplasty?

Can any slight nose-straightening be done during Septoplasty, or is that strictly Rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Severe Headaches After Sinus Surgery, What's Going On?

My daughter had a broken nose repaired, her septum fixed and polyups removed from her nose 6 months ago. She is having severe headaches every day. Her... READ MORE

What Are the Three Options for Anesthesia During Septoplasty?

Is one type of anesthesia referred to as twilight sedation? How often is this option used during septoplasty? READ MORE

Is This a Deviated Septum? If so, are there options for fixing just the nostrils and not the rest of the nose? (photo)

Does this picture show a deviated septum? If so, are there options for fixing just the nostrils and not the rest of the nose? How much would something... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Septorhinoplasty. My Nose is Still Painful and Sore? (photo)

My nose still hurts and makes me feel really miserable. I was told that by 6 weeks I would feel back to normal. An incision inside my nostril has... READ MORE

Nose Blocked at Night 4 Weeks After Septoplasty and Turbinectomy and Very Dry Pharynx and Mouth. Recommendations?

Hi, I had septo and tb done 4 weeks ago. When I sleep on my right side or on the back my right nostril gets blocked and the left one's half... READ MORE

Nasal Perforation Post Septoplasty. Can A Surgeon Close this up?

I had a septoplasty last January 2011 which has left me with a 4mm perforation. The whistling/turbulence is preventing me from being able to relax and... READ MORE

Two Week Post-Op (Septoplasty), Swelling Started After a Scab Came Off. Causes?

2 weeks post septorhinoplasty op a scab came away from an incision in the nostril. After a week or so it started to swell and look really angry... READ MORE

Enlarged Turbinates After Septorhinoplasty

I had a Septorhinoplasty 9 weeks ago to straighten a deviated Septum blocking the left nostril. Since the operation I experienced expected swelling... READ MORE

Tiredness caused by Deviated Septum?

I broke my nose about 10+ years ago. I have been feeling tired every since and can not figure out the problem. I do not get much air in my nose when... READ MORE

Can I pick out all the dried blood from my nose after the deviated septum surgery?

My nose is very congested right now and the nasel spray my doctor gave me to use every night isn't doing the trick. I've read that it's normal for my... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get my Dorsal Hump Removed (Rhinoplasty) During my Septoplasty?

I'm a guy and I've been uncomfortable with it for so long and hate this hump on my nose. How can I convince my doctor to get this done for free. I'm... READ MORE

Can My Insurance Pay for Bump Removal on My Nose During Surgery for My Deviated Septum?

The doctor told me that i need surgery because of some chronic inflamation in my nose and a deviated septum. Because of that I snore and can't sleep... READ MORE

Bridge Too Low After Septoplasty: Would Rib Graft and Septal Cartilage Work in a Revision?

How do I check if i have septal cartilage left in my nose? My nose was reduced significantly but does that mean the septal cartilage was removed as... READ MORE

Septoplasty post op care: Are you supposed to let drainage dry and scab? Or should the area be kept moist?

I had a septoplasty and bilateral turbinate reduction and cyst removal from maxillary right sinus 2 days ago. I still have heavy brownish drainage... READ MORE

What happens if you smoke weed after an epistaxis and septoplasty surgery?

I recently had an endoscopic control epistaxis surgery, along with a septoplasty surgery. 2 days after the surgery I smoked marijuana, only 3 hits.... READ MORE

Problems due to septoplasty - when I breathe, it sounds like the left side of my nose is whistling. What should I do?

I had a minor operation because my nose bone deviated a little bit to left after an minor accident so doctor suggested to had septoplasty . But after... READ MORE

Will a Septoplasty Fix My Nose?

Hi. I very much like one side of my nose (the side profile and even an angle profile) but not the other side as they are very different will a... READ MORE

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