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How Much Discharge and Buildup is Normal After Septorhinoplasty?

How much discharge and blood buildup should I expect? I had septorhinoplasty four days ago. The volume of discharge has decreased, however now both... READ MORE

Is This a Deviated Septum? If so, are there options for fixing just the nostrils and not the rest of the nose? (photo)

Does this picture show a deviated septum? If so, are there options for fixing just the nostrils and not the rest of the nose? How much would something... READ MORE

Will Septoplasty Correct Uneven Nostrils?

I have a deviated septum which is pushing into my right nostril and makes it look uneven. My nose is normal, but the right nostril makes it look... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty for Enlarged Turbinate with Deviated Septum?

I have an enlarged turbinate with a deviated septum. In my X-Ray scan, haziness is seen in right frontal sinus. Opacity is seen in left nasal cavity.... READ MORE

Can't Breathe through both the nostrils simultaneously after 3 weeks post Septoplasty. Is this normal? (photos)

I have underwent Septoplasty three weeks before due to Deviated septum. Now the pain has reduced and last day, The surgeon took off the remnants of... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerend That My Nostrils/Columella Are Still Swelling Unevenly 3 Weeks PO?

2.5 weeks ago I had septoplasty to correct a deviated septum. Today my nostrils still look the same and I have swelling on one side of my nose and a... READ MORE

Is it normal to have no smell or taste in one nostril?

Hello, I have been having problems with my nose (congestion and sinus infections etc) for about four years now and had a septoplasty and diathermy of... READ MORE

Could a Septoplasty Cause my Once (Mostly) Symmetric Nostrils to Become Uneven?

I had the surgery to correct for sinus blockage (chronic infections) back in January 2009 by my ENT doctor. There is no difference in the appearance... READ MORE

Is It Normal for the Nostrils to Be Uneven a Few Days After a Septo Rhinoplasty?

I just had a septo rhinoplasty 4 days ago and am really worried because the left side tip looks really high. Is this normal? I noticed the change... READ MORE

3 Months Post-Op Septoplasty One Nostril is Severely Swollen and in Pain, Normal?

I had septoplasty surgery 3 months ago the inside of 1 of my nasals is still severly swollen causing me much pain and distress is this normal. READ MORE

How long does it take to cold/flu like symptoms to disappear? Post Septoplasty in right nostril and left concha bullosa surgery

I had a septoplasty in right nostril and left concha bullosa surgery on May 5th '16. I did not have any splints and instead had a nose pack for a 5... READ MORE

How do people deal with the "Sleep" issue after Endoscopic Septoplasty surgery?

Two Part Question 1) I am just back from Endoscopic Septoplasty surgery for only one nostril and wanted to know if it is normal to have both nostrils... READ MORE

Very Different Nostrils on Each Side 4 Weeks Post Open Septorhinoplasty

Hi I had open septorhinoplasty 17.september 2010.I had a graft done to straighten the left side of my nose (which was also taken from my nose),hump... READ MORE

Saddle nose after a Septoplasty done on the 14th of April. Is it possible my nose is still swollen? (photos)

My ENT who did my septoplasty said he noticed weak cartridge near the tip of my nose and had to reinforce it with other cartilage, therefore it seemed... READ MORE

A week after Septoplasty I notice air feels cold and sharp going up my nostrils. Does this sound like empty nose syndrome?

Hello, A week and a half ago I had a septoplasty. I didn't need a turbinate reduction but my surgeon did it anyway, he assured me I wouldn't have ENS... READ MORE

Septoplasty to Improve Nostril Symmetry

I have a deviated septum and have trouble with breathing and stuffiness on one side. I also get headaches fairly frequently. The ENT Dr. says the... READ MORE

Will Septoplasty Correct Smaller/crooked Nostril Too?

I have a straight nose but a crooked septum that makes my left nostril smaller crooked... The septum is pushing my nose to the left and lower than the... READ MORE

Scratched the inside of my nose post-septoplasty, and now my nose hurts. Is this serious?

Hi Docs: I had my septorhinoplasty 10 days back. 2 days back, while sleeping i felt itching in one of my nostrils and i accidentally happened to... READ MORE

Septoplasty and Turbinoplasty 9 Weeks Ago?

Septoplasty and turbinoplasty 9 weeks ago - my left nostril alternates closing. When I sit down or lie down, the left side closes too. I continue the... READ MORE

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