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Perforated Septum From Sutent- Options?

My husband is in the 3rd week of his second cycle of Sutent 50 mg daily (4 wks on / 2 wks off) taken for stage 4 RCC. He had a radical left... READ MORE

What else can I do about a chronic runny nose (even after a turbinate reduction & septoplasty that was done 2 years ago)?

The surgery didn't help & my septum was more crooked. I expressed my concerns about the results of the surgery with the doctor that preformed the... READ MORE

I had a septoplasty surgery over 2 years ago. Now constantly feel like I need to clear my throats and throats get irritated.

I had my surgery over 2 years ago and my breathing I still great. Clear as it should be. However, I constantly feel like I need to clear my throat. No... READ MORE

Is taking epilepsy medication a problem in a septorhinoplasty surgery.

I have been looking into get a septorhinoplasty, but I think I might not be able to do it since I take 2 medications to control my seizures. I take... READ MORE

After a septorhinoplasty, is is unusual for my nose to be more painful 1 week post surgery than after the first few days?

It has been 1 week since i have had a septorhinoplasty and turbinate surgery. I have found the pain in my nose very tolerable however now i am... READ MORE

Severe Migraine after Septoplasty. Any suggestions?

Hi I had Septoplasty. It's been almost 1 year now since the surgery. Ever since the surgery I've had severe migraines (where I get nausea, vomit,... READ MORE

I am having sinus pain after UPPP, tonsillectomy, and septoplasty. Do I need to be concerned?

I had an UPPP, tonsillectomy, and septoplasty on 4/30/2015. Today I have developed sinus pain and pressure under my left eye and across the bridge of... READ MORE

Mouth ulcers after Septoplasty. (photos)

I have developed mouth ulcers after Septoplasty. It's second week and these ulcers are paining now. I have tried the medicines in the pictures attached. READ MORE

My ENT suggested tonsillectomy/septoplasty together and removing Uvula. Will I have a hard time breathing? I get Claustrophobic

I'm 32 and have severe sleep apnea and constantly get tonsillitis. ENT wants to do tonsillectomy and septoplasty together along with removing the... READ MORE

4 weeks after sinus surgery still feel congested and dry sinus?

For 8 months always congested but nothing blew out, post nasal drip. Took Dayquil/Musinex/Sudafed. 4 weeks ago, Septoplasty, bilateral Maxillary... READ MORE

5 wks post surgery still congested. Is it wise that I take antihistamine at this stage to manage congestion?

I had endoscopy sinus surgery to right maxillary sinus and turbinate reduction to both sides. This is 5weeks ago. Now nostrils take turns to be... READ MORE

Nasal obstruction 4 months after Septoplasty? I use nasal decongestants but now they have stopped working too.

I have had septoplasty 4 months from now but even now i cant breath with my nose properly i clear my nose with much force and it feels that the... READ MORE

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