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Insurance Coverage for Septoplasty

I'm 17, and my nose was broken when I got hit in the face several times during childhood. It resulted in deviation of septum, fractured nose, and... READ MORE

If I Get Septoplasty Covered by Insurance and Want Rhinoplasty, Will the Price for Rhinoplasty Reduce?

I figured since the anesthesia and other stuff will be covered by insurance for the septoplasty, then i wouldn't have to pay as much for rhinoplasty? READ MORE

If my Insurance Covers Fixing a Deviated Septum How Much More Should I Pay to Make my Nose Smaller?

My Dr says I need to have my Deviated Septum fixed and my Turbinates cut. My insurance will cover this but I would aslo like to have the bridge of my... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty and Blue Cross Blue Shield

I am 18/f. I broke my nose a few weeks ago and my doctor said I should get a septorhinoplasty. I know BCBS will cover the reconstructive part of the... READ MORE

Deviated Septum, Slant Nose and Nasal Hump Causing Problem. Can This Be Repaired With Septoplasty? (photo)

I've had difficulty breathing from the right side of my nose for years after a facial injury (I did not go to the hospital afterwards). It's... READ MORE

Working with Insurance to Offset Costs of Rhinoplaplasty/Septoplasty

I have an excellent insurance (Kaiser) and already saw a specialist there regarding combined rhinoplasty/septoplasty and got a quote. However, I'd... READ MORE

Septoplasty Insurance Coverage and Tip Refinement

I have a deviated septum and it makes it hard to breath. I have Medicaid and other insurance but I have been wanting to refine the tip of my nose as... READ MORE

Deviated Septum Repair Combined with Rhinoplasty?

I am considering getting a procedure done to help with my breathing, if my doctor thinks that is the best route to take (I have not asked yet). I have... READ MORE

Can My Insurance Pay for Bump Removal on My Nose During Surgery for My Deviated Septum?

The doctor told me that i need surgery because of some chronic inflamation in my nose and a deviated septum. Because of that I snore and can't sleep... READ MORE

Will an ENT Doctor Improve the Look and Shape of my Nose with Septoplasty?

My septum is severely deviated and I do suffer from breathing complications and chronic sinus infections. I want a septoplasty along with sinus... READ MORE

What Could I Expect From Insurance Coverage If I Combined Septoplasty and Tip Rhinoplasty?

I will soon be getting a septoplasty, which my insurance will cover completely, done to improve my breathing. I've been considering getting a tip... READ MORE

Would my Septo/rhinoplasty Be Covered by my Insurance?

Hi, I'm 16 years old and my doctor has been talkimg to me about getting a septo/rhinoplasty. Trauma at birth caused my nose to be crooked. My crooked... READ MORE

Will my Insurance Company Cover Septal Perforation?

I was wondering if my insurance provider Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona would cover this. I have the Blue Portfolio Plus Plan and have tried... READ MORE

What kinda insurance will cover septoplasty? (photos)

This is my second post thank you to all who replied, im wondering if my insurance will cover and what my next step is, i have united health care... READ MORE

Can You Recommend a Surgeon in Austin for SeptoRhinoplasty?

18 yr old female had a Septoplasty in 5/09. She sustained a subsequent injury to her nose and has received recommendation for Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover My Septoplasty? I Have Asthma, Severe Allergies and Breathing Difficulties. (photo)

Hello, I am 19y/o, I have had asthma my whole life & severe allergies. My allergist always makes reference to my severely deviated Septum, Though... READ MORE

Can Insurance Cover My Deviated Septum Issues

About 10 years ago I was hit in the face with a baseball ( talking trash to my sister) , my nose has always looked fine on the outside. On the inside... READ MORE

Is $2,200 out of Pocket Cost (After Insurance is Covering 90%) for a Septoplasty Too Much Money?

Is $2,200 out of pocket cost (after insurance is covering 90%) for a septoplasty too much money? My estimated cost for the surgery was $21000! Is this... READ MORE

Does Medicaid Cover Fixing a Deviated Septum?

My daughter was scheduled for having a deviated septum repaired. She doesn't sleep well at night and can barely breath out of her nose. My husband... READ MORE

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