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Septoplasty to Include Fixing Nose Hump?

I may have to have a Septoplasty but I also have a small dorsal hump that I want removed. I do not wish to change the shape of my nose, just to get... READ MORE

Could Trouble Breathing Be from Deviated Septum?

My problem started 17 years ago, a kid pushed me down 2 flights of stairs. I was 11 at the time, the result was a fractured nose, however, my face was... READ MORE

Is This Scar Tissue Forming or Just Regular Swelling? (photo)

Before my surgery 3 weeks ago, I did NOT have a hump. I had a droopy tip and wide nostrils. I had septo/rhino surgery and I am not sure if my nose was... READ MORE

Very Different Nostrils on Each Side 4 Weeks Post Open Septorhinoplasty

Hi I had open septorhinoplasty 17.september 2010.I had a graft done to straighten the left side of my nose (which was also taken from my nose),hump... READ MORE

Will a Septoplasty Fix My Nose?

Hi. I very much like one side of my nose (the side profile and even an angle profile) but not the other side as they are very different will a... READ MORE

Augmenting the Radix While Removing Nose Hump?

I'm interested in getting a Septoplasty along with a dorsal hump removal. I was told by one of the doctors that I have a low radix, and that I... READ MORE

Okay to Have Third Surgery After Septorhinoplasty and Rhinoplasty?

I had a Septorhinoplasty to correct a broken nose. The surgeon should have made my nose thinner, but I think it looks the same and it's been over a... READ MORE

Can Septoplasty Correct a Small Hump?

Hi, I'm not a native English speaker, so please forgive my grammar mistakes. I've developed a septal deviation in recent years and my... READ MORE

Open septorhinoplasty 3 weeks ago, occasional itchiness inside tip & columella , discharge from left nostril smells bit pungent?

My hump was removed, tip was pulled up, septal cartilage was implanted to reconstruct tip, Nostrils altered to reduce flare & lateral, medial... READ MORE

Is septoplasty worth it? (Photo)

Being very new to the thought of undergoing a rhinoplastic surgery, I'm hesitant. I'm only 15, and if I were to go through with this surgery, I would... READ MORE

Should I Consider Rhinoplasty with my Septoplasty?

Saw an ENT at Kaiser in Panorama City for sinus issues, offered to remove the hump and lift the tip of my nose. My insurance covers it. He has over 25... READ MORE

Dissatisfied with First Septorhinoplasty? (photo)

I had septorhinoplasty about 5 years ago to fix the large hump on my nose. I had suffered so much embarrassment with my old nose, that I was thrilled... READ MORE

My septum is deviated and Septoplasty did not work. How can I have my nose straightened?

I have made septoplasty do but that not remained successful and resulted negative in releasing a little hump so, I want to make these correct I... READ MORE

Is the Removal of a Hump Necessary in Cases of Severe Nose Deviation Due to Fractures?

I had nasal surgery because I couldn't breath out of my nose. I had a ┬┤double deviated septum' and apparently part of one of the deviations was on ... READ MORE

Rubbery Hump Post Rhynoplasty/septoplasty? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty and and septoplasty surgery about 3 years ago to correct my breathing problems. I didn't care much about the esthetic part of... READ MORE

Deviated Septum came back after Rhinoplasty, same doctor wants me to have septoplasty done(due to bent nose), is it a good idea?

I had gotten a rhinoplasty done about 8 months ago. The doctor was supposed to reduce the hump at the top of my nose, reduce the size of the tip, and... READ MORE

Anybody had a complex open Septoplasty?

Hi everyone. Newbie here! :) I'm booked in for an open septoplasty with Dr Tahery in July and was told my surgery will be quite complex. From what I... READ MORE

Getting Hump Post-Septorhinoplasty

I had septorhinoplasty 8 weeks ago, my breathing and my nosal divation is good .. but i got hump on my nose which i did not have it befor the... READ MORE

Should I get septoplasty or septorhinoplasty? (photos)

I spoke with a doctor who said he can do turbinate reduction, septoplasty and "hump" removal (see pictures of current nose below). I know this will... READ MORE

Will my doctor perform a hump shave during septoplasty?

I am going in for a septoplasty consultation. Will the dr also shave the hump during? I have broken my nose a lot as a kid and it has contributed to... READ MORE

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