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Small, Hard and White Bump Under the Stitch of Septoplasty? (photo)

Yesterday was the 7th day after my septoplasty and this bump appeared right under one of the dissolvable stitches.I started putting an antibiotic... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post-Op Revision Septorhinoplasty: When Will I See Final Results?

I am now into my 4th week following a revisional septorhinoplasty. Overall I am pleased with the results despite the fact that I have some uneven... READ MORE

Scarring Inside the Nose After Open Septo-rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a septo-rhinoplasty 14 months ago. There is signiticant scarring on the inside of my nose. My nose is stiff and hard. I have been patient with... READ MORE

I was elbowed in the nose and now feel like I have something hard stuck in my nose. Should I be worried?

I was elbowed on accident yesterday by my sister and it hurt, now later today i have this feeling like something's stuck on the inside of my nose like... READ MORE

Why Is My Nose Hard 4 Weeks Post Surgery?

My Nose Feels Hard and I Can Feel a Small Lump on the Bridge of my Nose.   READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty 1.5 years ago - not satisfied, nose feels hard and swelling remains, can I expect any improvement? (photos)

I had a severe deviated septum. I am pleased my nose has been straightened, however, I am concerned about two things. Firstly my tip appears to be... READ MORE

Is my nose still swollen? (Photo)

I had surgery 13 days ago I went in for septoplasty and ask if he would narrow my nose. I can't tell if my nose is swollen or is this my final result?... READ MORE

What Could This Hard Bump On The Tip Of My Nose Be?

In the last 6 months, a hard, protruding bump has formed on my nose tip . An ENT examined it and said the tissue had shifted because of a septoplasty... READ MORE

Revision septoplasty - infection? hump over bridge?

Had a revision septoplasty with rib cartilage and fascia graft - 6 weeks post op - and now have bump on bridge of my nose that goes red - contacted... READ MORE

Scratched the inside of my nose post-septoplasty, and now my nose hurts. Is this serious?

Hi Docs: I had my septorhinoplasty 10 days back. 2 days back, while sleeping i felt itching in one of my nostrils and i accidentally happened to... READ MORE

Septoplasty 3 Weeks Ago - Hard Crusts at Opening of Sinus Cavities

I had Septoplasty 3 weeks ago and now have hard crusts at the opening of the sinus cavity on both sides. They seem to have formed from mucous and... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce the Swelling in the Tip of Nose 2 Weeks Post Op?

Hi! I had open septorhinoplasty 2 weeks ago today, and, as expected, the tip of my nose is very very hard. I have been told that this will soften up... READ MORE

I have a nice, hard.... something, which is now protruding from my septum?

Both maxillary sinuses were solid cysts, and frontals were bad. All removed and deviated septum repaired in 2013. Last checkup revealed polyps.... READ MORE

Uneven tip after septo-rhinoplasty. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am about 2 weeks post op, and my tip is bigger and harder on the left side. Will this subside? And will my nose become straighter, it seems pushed... READ MORE

Will my nose change after one year open septoplasty or am I looking to the final result?

I had to correct my nose due to a deviated septum. I got really really swollen and 4 months after my surgeon inyected insulin to help and it did a... READ MORE

Hard thickness in left nostril? Mild asymmetry of nose in appearance.

The upper side of my left nostril feels somewhat hard and there is mild lump ?not there before Not painful. ENT thought it might be cartilage bump... READ MORE

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