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How Can I Help Reduce Columella & Tip Swelling Post Rhinoplasty?

While I know the healing process takes months, especially for open procedures such as mine, I would like to know if there is anything I can do to... READ MORE

I blew my nose in sleep 18 hrs after Septoplasty, right side burns, did I damage graft?

18 hours after septoplasty i blew my nose hard in my dream, in my dream the right nostril blew out mucus. I woke up and the right packing had moved... READ MORE

Why has my septoplasty failed twice?

Septoplasty has failed twice. It was originally deviated to the right, and after the surgery deviated to the left. Also, part of the cartilage in my... READ MORE

Which is Better, Cadaver or Your Own Cartilage for Nasal Repair? Are There Other Options?

My husband had surgery to get a deviated septum corrected and he ended up with a hole in his septum and the tip of his nose collapsed. READ MORE

Is It Normal for Exercise to Cause a Spreader Graft to Pulsate?

I had a septal cartilage spreader graft inserted into the left side of my nose during a septoplasty. On several occasions I noticed that the graft... READ MORE

When Can I Have Grafts Removed? Causing Complications.

I had my septum done at Kaiser three weeks ago. The doctor was supposed to build up the RIGHT side nostril-tip so I could breathe on that side and... READ MORE

Will my slope return and is it normal for scar tissue to hurt when massing?

I am 9 weeks post op from open septoplasty with 2 grafts. After cast removal surgeon taped my nose for a week. Week 2 when the tape came off I had a... READ MORE

Is taking septum cartilage to implement nasal grafts to improve air flow safe? How safe compared to regular septoplasty? (Photo)

I saw a doctor and she said the issues I have breathing stem from my septum as well as the concavity along my nose. She proposed grafts to reduce the... READ MORE

Extremely worried on the worsening asymmetry 12 days post-op?

I had a septoplasty to fix my deviated septum, a graft done and a dorsal hump removed so def some extensive work and I don't expect things to look... READ MORE

Can an osteoplasty and septoplasty be performed after window of septum was used in previous surgery for grafting? (Photo)

In a recent revision rhinoplasty I had a lot of tip work done. A window of septal cartilage was taken and used for grafting. My nasal bone and septal... READ MORE

How long and what is the recovery process?

I am deciding between a septoplasty and a septoplasty with implemented grafts with cartilage taken from my septum to open up my nasal valves. How long... READ MORE

Needing advice on ear fascia graft placed over my septum during septo/rhino surgery? (Photos)

Sorry, I had a few more questions to my recent post.. This site only allows so many character letters. Please see my pic's as I will add questions to... READ MORE

I had a Septoplasty along with grafts 5 weeks ago, I'm breathing through the nose but it's not 100%. Any suggestions?

Nasal passages really never opened up and stayed open yet. I notice puffiness on the sides of my nose above the grafts, is this still inflamed? I've... READ MORE

Was curios. What keeps the septum in place in general?

Like grafts are sutured and put into a pocket... what keeps the septum from not being loose. During a septoplasty you remove a lot of septum and... READ MORE

How long after my septorhinoplasty will I see the final result. I had a total nasal reconstruction just over 5 months ago.

Problem: Bony hump/pseudo hump with tip drop and narrow NL angle due to fractured caudal cartilage, deviated septum to right with poor airflow,... READ MORE

How can I fix uneven nostrils and swelling 18 months after septoplasty? (photo)

18mths post op I have stuffiness, uneven nostrils and a sharp piece of cartilage at the end of the septum sticking out in the right nostril. There is... READ MORE

8 wks post op Septoplasty w/ turbinate reduction & tip graft. How hard would you have to hit to shift the graft? (photos)

Hi I had septoplasty with turbant reduction and a tip graft also put in my nose 8 weeks ago, I have bumped it a few times in my sleep and oddly enough... READ MORE

Is this a saddle nose or another type of collapse? Septoplasty/tip only ear cartilage grafts. (photo)

I'm 6 weeks PO. No rhino was done on my bridge as it was straight prior to surgery. Surgery for deviated septum/inverted V/collapse. Last min decision... READ MORE

Is it difficult to shave and remodel graft on my dorsum?

Could you advise me on any complications of Permacol sheet which is laid over my dorsum and down the lateral walls. What is the likelihood of... READ MORE

Will prolonged swelling lead to cartilage graft absorption?

7 months ago I had a septoplasty. During the first month after the nose job,I lived on all kinds of processed food,which contains lots of sodium.l... READ MORE

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