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Can I Play Tennis 11 Days After Nasal Surgery?

I had elective septoplasty and outfracture of inferior turbinates 9 days ago. I was told to stop physical exercise for two weeks. When I have my next... READ MORE

Open reduction nasal fracture?

I consulted with a plastic surgeon to undergo a septoplasty with turbinate reduction, as well as "open reduction nasal fracture". Externally, my nose... READ MORE

I had a turnbinectomy with "outfracture" but was not aware of the outfracture complications or even was informed of it. Lawsuit?

My symptoms since the surgery have been headaches..facial and teeth pain with sensitivity, breathing difficulties, scabbing, dizziness, difficulty... READ MORE

Is the Removal of a Hump Necessary in Cases of Severe Nose Deviation Due to Fractures?

I had nasal surgery because I couldn't breath out of my nose. I had a ┬┤double deviated septum' and apparently part of one of the deviations was on ... READ MORE

I Have a Fractured Nose & Damaged Septum, Dr. Says Only Septum Should Be Corrected, Is this Right?

I asked a question few wks ago about being pregnant & maybe having a fractured nose. Went to an ENT & my nose is fractured & my septum has... READ MORE

Post Septoplasty concerns. Any suggestions?

I had septoplasty and rt turbinate reduction 4 weeks ago. Post-op checks went well. Last night, my husband went to hug and kiss me and we hit noses.... READ MORE

Turbinates Outfractured- Breathing is worse. Any suggestions?

My surgeon out-fractured the turbinates and did stuff to the mucosa. I never had breathing issues prior to surgery. I only had surgey for cosmetic... READ MORE

What happened to my nose? I had a septoplasty with fascia placed over my septum & tip only cartilage grafts placed (Photo)

I'm 5 weeks post-op. Had an inverted V, deviated septum & bone spur repaired. Dr placed ear fascia as a last min decision at the end of my surg.... READ MORE

Can I rasp my bony callus and have tip work done without septoplasty? (photos)

Fractured nose years ago, saw doctor immediately. No breathing issues but left with crooked nose & hard bony callus on right side of upper nasal... READ MORE

I have a large septal perforation that is causing breathing and congestion problems. Should I have it repaired?

Septal perforation is most likely from a fractured nose. The Doc at that time said he couldnt do anything with the fracture. A nasogastric tube was... READ MORE

Nose still crooked after septoplasty/rhinoplasty? 3 years post op; first 4 pics are before op, rest are current (Photos)

Hello. I am a 21 yr old student and 3 years ago I had rhino/septoplasty to correct my nose after having broken it when I was 11. My nose is still... READ MORE

How long after my septorhinoplasty will I see the final result. I had a total nasal reconstruction just over 5 months ago.

Problem: Bony hump/pseudo hump with tip drop and narrow NL angle due to fractured caudal cartilage, deviated septum to right with poor airflow,... READ MORE

Can a septoplasty straighten a fractured septum so the nose looks as it did before injury?

I was recently assaulted by two men and now have a deviated septum due to septal fracture. I cannot breathe through my left nostril. I am concerned... READ MORE

What exactly is a open reduction of nasal fracture and how is it preformed?

Hello, I'm having a septoplasty next week and an Open Reduction of nasal fracture to fix my crooked nose. My question to you is what exactly is an... READ MORE

Can multiple nasal fractures interfere with nasal breathing years later, who do I see about it? ENT? Plastic Surgeon?

I am 49, first fracture at age 15 due to car accident. second fracture at 20 years of age and last at age 32. The longer it goes on the more I snore,... READ MORE

How can I tell if I have a deviated septum or fractured nose?

I was hit in the nose 2 days ago, it bled right away and hurt very bad. there's no bruising but the inside of my nose and my septum inside my nose is... READ MORE

Hitting Nose a Month After a Septoplasty

I had a septoplasty a month ago. Yesterday, my brother opened a door that I was behind and hit my nose in the direction that I suffered the fracture.... READ MORE

Is a large dried up blood clot at the opening of the nose okay after septoplasty? (Photo)

I had Septoplasty with bilateral submucous resection turbinates and open reduction closed nasal fracture 2 days ago, the opening of my nose is... READ MORE

Has anyone had a closed fracture repair surgery after their septoplasty? (photo)

I'm looking to see what a normal recovery looks like when you've had a septoplasty, then a re-fracture shortly after that required another surgery to... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to know if I need surgery having deviated septum after a fractured nose?

I got kicked in the face so my nose got fractured, but thing is the bone got fractured vertically so that just caused inflammation, but my septum got... READ MORE

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