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Will Repairing my Septum Straighten my Nose on the Outside Too?

I have a deviated septum from a break about 7 years back. I snore and always have a stuffy nose now. I'd like to get my septum repaired for those... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty and Blue Cross Blue Shield

I am 18/f. I broke my nose a few weeks ago and my doctor said I should get a septorhinoplasty. I know BCBS will cover the reconstructive part of the... READ MORE

Breathing Troubles Caused by Bump on my Nose?

I have severe snoring, and trouble breathing through my nose almost always. Unless I have just left a hot shower and the steam has cleared my nasal... READ MORE

Will Medicaid Cover All Cost for a Septorhinoplasty?

Two doctor have told me I have a deviated septum, and my nose has a 'bump'. I can constantly feel the weight and pressure from it. I was... READ MORE

Problems Years After Septoplasty

I broke my nose when a child, and thus developed a deviated septum. I could not breath through my nose at all, when 23 I had a septoplasty. I am now... READ MORE

Can Nasal Bridge Cause Breathing Problems Too?

So, I know for a fact I have a Deviated septum. But besides that, I have weird symptoms! When I am in a cold enviroment, my nasal bridge (which has a... READ MORE

Waiting After Pregnancy to Have Deviated Septum Repaired?

I had a miscarriage around 8 weeks ago and we are going to try to get pregnant again, but I need to have a deviated septum fixed. I really don't want... READ MORE

Internal Nasal Valve Collapse

Had 2 Septoplasty and Inferior Turbinate Resections addressing night nasal breathing difficulties when in prone position. Left nostril still has... READ MORE

Extracorporeal Septoplasty - Very Risky? Does It Weaken the Nose?

I had reconstructive septorhinoplasty a year ago, the surgeon was a jack of all trades and did many different procedures. Initially my nose appeared... READ MORE

Very Different Nostrils on Each Side 4 Weeks Post Open Septorhinoplasty

Hi I had open septorhinoplasty 17.september 2010.I had a graft done to straighten the left side of my nose (which was also taken from my nose),hump... READ MORE

Will a septoplasty and turbinate reduction stop my snoring?

My ent has recommended these procedures. I actually can breathe ok with the help of nasonex and Zyrtec. However, I snore like 50% of the time and find... READ MORE

Deviated Septum - will Septoplasty alone straighten my nose? (photo)

I have had multiple traumas to my nose when I was a teenager and my septum has deviated severely as I have grown older (currently 39yo). Will a... READ MORE

Labored Breathing After Septoplasty Infection

I had a comprehensive septorhino 7 weeks ago. At 3 weeks post op I got a bad sinus infection & just recently finished my second round of... READ MORE

Augmenting the Radix While Removing Nose Hump?

I'm interested in getting a Septoplasty along with a dorsal hump removal. I was told by one of the doctors that I have a low radix, and that I... READ MORE

One nostril is wider than the other and it affects my smile/ frown lines. Do I Have a Deviated Septum? (photo)

If not, what rhinoplasty procedure would be best for me? One nostril is wider than the other and it affects my smile/ frown lines. My nose looks... READ MORE

Will Septoplasty Help Me? Is There Any Hope for Me?

I have had two nose jobs one big one and one smaller revision. The revision seem to make my nose even more crooked and now its flat on one side. It... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Both Fix a Very Deviated Septum and Reshape the Nose in One Operation?

I understand fixing a deviated septum can result in a loss of a lot of blood and some Doctors insist on doing two separate operations. My Doctor said... READ MORE

I have chronic sinus infections, constant post nasal drip and trouble breathing. Do I have a deviated septum? (photo)

Sometimes I have anxiety attacks because I feel like I can't breathe well. I also feel spacey a lot and I now wonder if it's because I can't get... READ MORE

Bone Growth After Septoplasty is Causing Pain - Is This Normal?

I had a septoplasty surgery, It was the first time I've gone under the knife. The endotracheal tube caused severe trauma on my palate that caused... READ MORE

Does Medicaid Cover Fixing a Deviated Septum?

My daughter was scheduled for having a deviated septum repaired. She doesn't sleep well at night and can barely breath out of her nose. My husband... READ MORE

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