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Top-Best Septoplasty Surgeons?

After having faith in 2 doctors (plastic surgeon and ENT) who performed a septoplasty to fix my nose (deviated septum/breathing problems), and having... READ MORE

Los Angeles Septoplasty Doctor Recommendations

I need to have my deviated septum fixed and change my nose. I live in Los Angeles and I'm looking for a reputable and qualified doctor who knows what... READ MORE

Can You Recommend a Surgeon in Austin for SeptoRhinoplasty?

18 yr old female had a Septoplasty in 5/09. She sustained a subsequent injury to her nose and has received recommendation for Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Can Insurance Cover My Deviated Septum Issues

About 10 years ago I was hit in the face with a baseball ( talking trash to my sister) , my nose has always looked fine on the outside. On the inside... READ MORE

Cincinnati Ohio ENT Recommendations

I have a deviated septum, bone spur and my left nostril is almost closed. I am 30 yr old but have had severe breathing problems since I can remember.... READ MORE

Should I Consider Rhinoplasty with my Septoplasty?

Saw an ENT at Kaiser in Panorama City for sinus issues, offered to remove the hump and lift the tip of my nose. My insurance covers it. He has over 25... READ MORE

Credible Nasal Reconstruction Surgeons in KS?

Is there anyone in the midwest (Kansas to be exact) if you can't afford to travel that can fix a surgically worsend deviated septum with a... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Septorhinoplasty in San Francisco

I am looking for specific name recommendations of facial and plastic surgeons practicing in the Bay Area who are especially skilled in primary... READ MORE

I Have a Septal Perforation in my Nose. I Live in Nashville and Need Someone to Recommend an ENT to Discuss With. Know Anyone?

I Have a Septal Perforation in my Nose. I Live in Nashville and Need Someone to Recommend an ENT to Discuss With. Know Anyone? READ MORE

What are the steps to find a certified ENT to perform an insurance covered septoplasty? (photo)

My airways are uneven in airflow and i can actually feel my cartilage cracked near my nostrils, causing a noticeable dent near the tip. Being only 18,... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty Surgeon Recommendation in North Carolina?

I have been told by my ENT specialist I require surgery on my deviated septum and would also like to have my crooked nose fixed. Do you have a... READ MORE

I am not sure what to do about my nose (previous surgery)! Looking for a GTA doctor. Any suggestions? (photos)

When I was 15 I had rhino to correct trauma. I now have a deviated septum that (I believe) has also thrown my tip off balance in addition to the... READ MORE

I have deviated nasal and facing difficulty in breathing. I want to know about the cost of septal deviation surgery (Photo)

And recovery time post surgeory (how many days complete rest, when i will become normal). Also suggest the expert doctor who will do this surgeon. READ MORE

Hi, I'm looking for a plastic surgeon/ENT doc in Florida or surrounding areas with experience in septal perforation repair.

The perforation is roughly 7-8 mm. I've seen a few ENT specialists to get multiple opinions and while they said it can be fixed, they recommended I... READ MORE

Swelling and redness due to the Gore-Tex implant: Should my original surgeon remove it, or should I seek a new consultation?

Three years ago, I had a septorhinoplasty with extracorporeal septoplasty and goretex on bridge, a complicated surgery. The goretex implant is thin (1... READ MORE

I need to have my deviated septum fixed and also change the shape of my nose.

I have previously had 2 septoplasty and over the past 2 years my breathing has gotten worse. live in Las Vegas and I'm looking for a reputable and... READ MORE

My name is Asif from Pakistan. I am suffering from Empty Nose Syndrome

1. which kind of medical test should I do to evaluate the condition of my nasal canal. 2. unfortunately, Doctors here in Pakistan do not know much... READ MORE

I have a deviated septum/infected sinuses/nasal collapse when breathing. Suggestions on ENT doctors/surgeons in NYC?

I have been seeing an ENT for almost 10 years and have been recommended surgery for my deviated septum and sinuses. Also, the doctor noticed, due to... READ MORE

What are my options for revision septoplasty? best doctors? minimal invasiveness?

I have had a failed septoplasty (done in 2005) where 3 months post-op the back part deflected somewhat. Now I have significant discomfort in one... READ MORE

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