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Problems due to septoplasty - when I breathe, it sounds like the left side of my nose is whistling. What should I do?

I had a minor operation because my nose bone deviated a little bit to left after an minor accident so doctor suggested to had septoplasty . But after... READ MORE

Embedded Suture Inside Tip of Nose Needs to Be Removed?

Former Navy Diver had deviated septum (90% deviation), corrected at Fort Meade, MD., in 1997. to open sinus passages for easier valsalva clearing for... READ MORE

I Have my Second Septorhinoplasty Post Op Appt Next Week. What Should I Expect?

Today was my first post-op appt after septorhinoplasty. The splint was taken off and stitches removed. The whole process was rather uncomfortable as... READ MORE

Revision of Septorhinoplasty on East Coast?

Had this surgery done on my nose in August 2011. Ear cartilage to nose was used along with batten grafts. Almost a year later the left side of the... READ MORE

My insurance considers septoplasty a cosmetic procedure and will not cover it. What is the out-of-pocket cost in NY? (Photo)

I have every symptom of a deviated septum. I sleep on one side, get nosebleeds, minor sinus infections, and I even have a small callus in my nose... READ MORE

Have I had an unnecessary turbinate reduction? (Photo)

I underwent a septorhinoplasty with turbinate reduction months ago. I have never had sinus problems and I had no idea what turbinates were and how... READ MORE

How long does it take to recover from septoplasty/nasal valve collapse surgery? (photos)

Hi I recently had a septoplasty/nasal valve collapse surgery done on Monday July 18th. It is now Thursday July 21st and I am in the worst pain yet. I... READ MORE

I have blocked nose all the time. I tried chemist recommendation and it did nothing!!! Any suggestions?

I have had the nasal problem for a while now, i always seem to have a blocked nose and it causes discomfort, the nasal congestion seems to move... READ MORE

My issue is my nose and my cheeks and eye brows. Any suggestions? (photos)

My nose - I have a hard time breathing especially in the cold season. I have this discomfort of having to breath in the air that at times I get... READ MORE

In rhinoplasty and septoplasty, how does airflow relate to discomfort?

I have very wide nasal passages but my nasal pathways have undergone a lot of trauma. First, I had a bad surgery resecting too upper lateral cartilage... READ MORE

Surgery For Sinus, Deviated Septum and Enlarged Turbinates, Have Weird Feeling When I Move My Eyes?

Hello i had a surgery for my sinuses , deviated septum & enlarged turbinates since then i started having a weird feeling whenever i move my eyes!... READ MORE

Throat pain burning and nose back head pain after one month of Septoplasty, and turbinate reduction. Any suggestions?

I had septoplasty and turbunate reduction surgery on 29 Aug 2016..Still i feel severe pain and burning in my right throat along with it pain in my... READ MORE

What are my options for revision septoplasty? best doctors? minimal invasiveness?

I have had a failed septoplasty (done in 2005) where 3 months post-op the back part deflected somewhat. Now I have significant discomfort in one... READ MORE

Septum seems to have deviated after 2nd Septoplasty.

Hi, I have just had my second Septoplasty 3 weeks ago due to a deviation that was over corrected the first time, but I feel it has moved over again to... READ MORE

Does a septo only (revision) involve lots of recovery? I had septorhino in September.

I'm having revision septo in the morning following a septorhino in Sept. My septum popped back out apparently. I'm terrified (again) and was thinking... READ MORE

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