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Can Doctors Tell the Septal Cartilage Was Removed or Reshaped in Septoplasty by CT Image?

If it was removed, can doctors tell where and how much it was removed by CT imageļ¼Ÿ READ MORE

After CT imaging I'm wondering if you would consider all of the following procedures are considered medically necessary?(photos)

The procedures include: submucous resection inferior turbinate, endoscopic total ethmoidectomy, endoscopic maxillary antrostomy, and resection of... READ MORE

Can an X-ray or CT Scan Reveal Wether Someone Has Had Rhinoplasty or Not?

I had a septoplasty and a turbinectomy a few years ago the surgeon said that he would lift the tip of my nose because it droops with age but that is... READ MORE

Feeling nasal congestion for 1 month; inferior turbinate hypertrophy & concha bullosa in middle turbinate. What do I do? (Photo)

Feeling Nasal congestion for more than 1 month in boh nostrils, CT scan shows Mild DNS, infeior turbinate hypertrophy on right side & Concha bullosa... READ MORE

Is it typical to use spreader grafts during surgery?

I had a septoplasty recently and the appearance of my nose has seemingly been altered. I am unsure how my nose has been altered as I don't have many... READ MORE

Is FESS Surgery safe?

I'm 23 and have chronic sinusitis. Recently took CT scan and report is shown as MUCOSAL THICKENING IN BILATERAL ETHMOID, MAXILLARY AND SPHENOID SINUS.... READ MORE

CT scan indicates polyps, turbinate hyper-trophy, nasal bone spurs and septal deviation.

I know that i need septoplasty . My concern is would septoplasty remove the bone spur that i have at the top left of my nose . Knowing that it was... READ MORE

Do I need a turbinate reduction? (photos)

I'm considering getting a septoplasty done. My ENT doctor mentioned that he normally performs a turbinate reduction at the same time. Based on my CT... READ MORE

What is a septoturbinotomy? Why has my breathing got worse? (photos)

I underwent a revision rhinoplasty and septoturbinotomy, and wish to know more about this latter procedure. What exactly is it and why is it... READ MORE

I still think I have a Deviated Septum? Do I go to another ENT?

I had an ENT do an endoscopy and he said that I did not have a deviated septum and my turbinates were swollen from allergies, but I've tried every... READ MORE

When to do a re-scan of my nose to confirming my Septoplasty results?

I've got my Septo. on the 29/12/2015 to treat 3 issues (mild dev. of septum + Hypertrophied concha bullosa & turbinates). I feel kinda worried so I'm... READ MORE

Will septoplasty help?

I consult a doctor from Lanka hospital. After a CT Scan he suggested to do a septoplasty because my nose has a bend. And my forehead bone is thick... READ MORE

Please can you tell me which area of my internal nose my surgeon operated on?

I underwent a revision nasal surgery and would very much appreciate your assessment regarding what specific changes my surgeon made to the inside of... READ MORE

Is this CT scan normal? (Photos)

Hello, I have had so much trouble with my sinuses and breathing for over 10 years following a tonsillectomy. I had a septoplasty a few years later to... READ MORE

My question: is it possible for the cartilage and bony septum to regrow completely after submucous resection of both sections?

Suspected cartilage bone in septum regrowth after septoplasty 10 years ago--had functional septoplasty done 10 years ago at 20 years of age, after the... READ MORE

I had septoplasty surgery 2 month ago in the hope it would cure my tinnitus.

He ct scan showed blockages the surgeon told me that broken pieces of bone was removed along with fluid from an infected sinus I still have a load... READ MORE

Is septorhinoplasty the only solution? Will the swelling on either side of the nose go after the surgery? (photo)

I am asked to get septorihnoplasty.The doc hasn't discussed what it wud look and what i want but asked me for CT scan & given a date to get... READ MORE

My facial CT Scan says, bilateral maxillary sinuses, the bony nasal septum shows moderate deviation to the left side. (photo)

My insurer ENT doctor says I don't need any surgery. My 2 private ENT and cosmetic Dr.s says, I need Rhinoplasty, cartilage graft,rib grafting,... READ MORE

Had CT scan and wondering if breathing troubles on one nostril will improve after having deviated septum surgery? (photo)

Seeing the CT scan would you say that my only issue is a deviated septum or do I have nasal polyps or any other issue? READ MORE

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