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Cost of Septoplasty?

I am scheduling a septoplasty with no cosmetic enhancements and the surgeons fee is being charged at $14,000.00. Would this be considered an... READ MORE

Can a Septal Perforation Be Fixed? Does It Need To Be?

Hello I hear Septal perforation can be fixed? is this true? the other Question do people live okay with a septal Perforations? Mine is from a Surgery?... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Septoplasty

I'm 17, and my nose was broken when I got hit in the face several times during childhood. It resulted in deviation of septum, fractured nose, and... READ MORE

If I Get Septoplasty Covered by Insurance and Want Rhinoplasty, Will the Price for Rhinoplasty Reduce?

I figured since the anesthesia and other stuff will be covered by insurance for the septoplasty, then i wouldn't have to pay as much for rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Difference Between Sinuplasty and Septoplasty?

I was wondering what the difference was (cost, recovery times, success rates, damage), the implications, and particularly if sinuplasty can be done on... READ MORE

Working with Insurance to Offset Costs of Rhinoplaplasty/Septoplasty

I have an excellent insurance (Kaiser) and already saw a specialist there regarding combined rhinoplasty/septoplasty and got a quote. However, I'd... READ MORE

Septoplasty with Aesthetic Work As Well? (photo)

Hi- I am a 16 year old girl and will be getting septoplasty in a few months due to breathing troubles and chronic, recurrent sinus infections. In... READ MORE

Is $2,200 out of Pocket Cost (After Insurance is Covering 90%) for a Septoplasty Too Much Money?

Is $2,200 out of pocket cost (after insurance is covering 90%) for a septoplasty too much money? My estimated cost for the surgery was $21000! Is this... READ MORE

Is Revision Rhino/Chin Augment/Lip Reduction Even Possible? And if Yes, How Much Will It Cost? (photo)

I'm 20,male.And I've a Deviated Nasal Septum,for which I've been operated once(Septoplasty+FESS) But,not only my septum remains deviated,... READ MORE

Hanging Columella Cost After Having Had Septoplasty?

I wanted to know what the average cost of fixing a hanging Columella. I've had it ever since I had nose surgery back in 2007. I hate smiling because... READ MORE

If I'm Getting Septoplasty Can I Get a Little Cosmetic Work Done As Well with Little Added Cost?

I have to get Septoplasty to reduce breathing through only my mouth. I don't like my nose shape and was wondering if during the procedure of fixing my... READ MORE

What is the Cost,forsepto,turbinnate Reduction,andaspreader Graft Also Surgery Time?$$$

Septoplasty,tubbinate,and spreader graft how much?$$$ also time involved?and are comlications increased with more time needed? READ MORE

First Rhino Surgeon Rushed Surgery (Less Than 1 Hour); Should Revision Be Closed or Open?

I am 1 1/2 years post primary septo-rhino with bad results:crooked nose, bulge on one side (cut too much cartilage), hanging columella, collapsed tip... READ MORE

Credible Nasal Reconstruction Surgeons in KS?

Is there anyone in the midwest (Kansas to be exact) if you can't afford to travel that can fix a surgically worsend deviated septum with a... READ MORE

Does septoplasty affect dorsal hump?

After a consultation I have been told that I would benefit from septoplasty and turbinectomy however my dorsal hump was not adressed sadly as he made... READ MORE

Online research tells me I probably need a Septorhinoplasty. How much does this typically cost & where do find the right doctor?

What is the cost of a septorhinoplasty? Were do I begin to find the right doctor (central CA)? Obamacare cover any part?. At 39, I've lived most... READ MORE

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