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If I Get Septoplasty Covered by Insurance and Want Rhinoplasty, Will the Price for Rhinoplasty Reduce?

I figured since the anesthesia and other stuff will be covered by insurance for the septoplasty, then i wouldn't have to pay as much for rhinoplasty? READ MORE

What Could I Expect From Insurance Coverage If I Combined Septoplasty and Tip Rhinoplasty?

I will soon be getting a septoplasty, which my insurance will cover completely, done to improve my breathing. I've been considering getting a tip... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Both Fix a Very Deviated Septum and Reshape the Nose in One Operation?

I understand fixing a deviated septum can result in a loss of a lot of blood and some Doctors insist on doing two separate operations. My Doctor said... READ MORE

Does a columelloplasty do anything to help improve nasal breathing when combined with a septoplasty and turbinate reduction?

I have a very deviated septum and need turbinate reduction also as I can't breathe through my nose at all when lying down/sleeping. My nostril... READ MORE

I Have a Fractured Nose & Damaged Septum, Dr. Says Only Septum Should Be Corrected, Is this Right?

I asked a question few wks ago about being pregnant & maybe having a fractured nose. Went to an ENT & my nose is fractured & my septum has... READ MORE

Can I Get Septo/Rhinoplasty if I Have Radiesse in my Cheeks?

I am 27 years old and considering septo/rhinoplasty in December. In April I had Radiesse injected into my cheeks and near the sides of the nose where... READ MORE

Do I need both surgeries or will I have better airflow with just a turbinoplastic surgery?

I went to an ENT Specialist and he said that I have enlarged turbinates as well as a septum spur on one side of my nose. I also have chronic non... READ MORE

How Long After Open Septorhinoplasty Can I Have Cosmetic Dental Work (Teeth Whitening, Front Teeth Filed and Shaped)

I am a week PO rhinoplasty and am looking to get my teeth whitened and 4 front teeth filed and caps replaced. How long must I wait? READ MORE

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