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Septal Deviation of 5-6mm and Nasal Septal Spur: Severe Enough to Need Septoplasty?

I have had constant nasal congestion, head aches, sinus infections, ear infections, pressure in my ears, and post nasal drip for a while now. I... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Septorhinoplasty. My Nose is Still Painful and Sore? (photo)

My nose still hurts and makes me feel really miserable. I was told that by 6 weeks I would feel back to normal. An incision inside my nostril has... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Not Be Given Antibiotics After Septoplasty?

I was not prescribed any antibiotics after septoplasty, from the research I've done this doesn't seem normal. Should I be worried? Also asked to be... READ MORE

3 weeks after surgery I noticed a perforation&nasty smell. What will they do? (photos)

Dec 22,2015 I had septoplasty w/turbinate reduction.3 weeks after my surgery I noticed a perforation&a nasty smell.On week 5 I noticed my perforation... READ MORE

Stinky smell like sweat socks when i breathe, its in the left side of my nose only. 20 days after sinus surgery. Should I worry?

I had endoscopic sinus surgery, septoplasty and turbinate reduction. . extreme headache, dizziness, blurry vision, clear nonsmelly discharge from my... READ MORE

No Antibiotics After Septoplasty?

I was not given any antibiotics to take after my septoplasty today, is this normal? Also I had asked for something to help me sleep since I am not... READ MORE

I had my operation 5 weeks ago. Loss of sense of smell after sinus and deviated septum surgery?

I had my operation 5 weeks ago...and i got the packing removed after 8 days since the surgery..i breathe well now....but my sense of smell has been... READ MORE

Septoplasty, turbinate reduction and maxillary sinus? (Photos)

I had my septoplasty for a severe left side deviated septum, turbinate reduction along with my left maxillary sinus cleaning due to a sinus infection... READ MORE

It's been a week since my septoplasty my doctor said the severe swelling is normal due to thick skin. Any suggestion? (photo)

I sleep propped up every night I finished antibiotics help me. I can't be swollen like this is there anything else I can do. Walk outside be outside... READ MORE

Can I have my septoplasty if I am currently on antibiotics?

I am healthy, but the doctor said to finish my course of it, my septoplasty is tomorrow and will having antibiotics affect anything? Please reply... READ MORE

How long for swelling to subside after Septoplasty? Also have infection making pressure and pain horrendous.

I recently had a revision septoplasty 04/12/15 I was fine the first week, no real pain or problems. a week after surgery ,i began to feel unwell.... READ MORE

4 weeks post Septoplasty and turbinoplasty and having active bleeding. What should I do?

I met the surgeon after first active bleed saying it was minor infection and gave me antibiotics augmentin 7 days, continue bactroban and cauterized... READ MORE

Does septoplasty and laser surgery cure chronic rhinosinusitis and post nasal drip?

I am a professional singer and have been suffering from this for about ten years. It has severe impact on my career, mental health and quality of life... READ MORE

Bacteria infection 2 weeks post septoplasty. Doctor does not want to follow up. Is this normal?

Yesterday I had stents removed from my nose. I was having a lot of pain in my face and gums and pressure in my left nasel. I called my doc and was... READ MORE

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