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My Nose Tip (Cartilagey Bit) Moves Around and Clicks Back into Place. Do I need a Septoplasty?

My Nose Tip (Cartilagey Bit) Moves Around and Clicks Back into Place. It's only started to happen recently (I'm 28) and has coincided with an increase... READ MORE

How is a Long and Bent Nose with Narrow Bridge Corrected?

What techniques of rhinoplasty or septoplasty are used to correct a long and bent nose with an excessively narrow bridge? How complex is the surgery... READ MORE

Cincinnati Ohio ENT Recommendations

I have a deviated septum, bone spur and my left nostril is almost closed. I am 30 yr old but have had severe breathing problems since I can remember.... READ MORE

Can an Injury to Cheekbone/orbit Result in a Deviated Septum over Time? Help!

I injured my left cheekbone three years ago and currently waiting on further investigation. My septum seems to be deviating increasingly to the right... READ MORE

Could Deviated Septum Be the Cause my my Constant Breathing Issues?

Deviated septum,forehead pressure,sneezing,flushed cheeks,stuffy nose,running nose,bump on nose,constant breathing issues from age of 16 I am now 26... READ MORE

Is it possible to retrain myself to breathe through nose and not mouth after nose surgery?

I'm 25. My entire life I've had difficulty breathing from my nose. I thought it was normal because thats how its always been. I developed bad habits.... READ MORE

Can I Get Septo/Rhinoplasty if I Have Radiesse in my Cheeks?

I am 27 years old and considering septo/rhinoplasty in December. In April I had Radiesse injected into my cheeks and near the sides of the nose where... READ MORE

Nasal Septal Perforation- surgery success rate with a 5mm hole, due to excessive picking.

It’s embarrassing &upsetting to accept.Everyday I’m reminded of what I’ve done & cant help but cry. It’s uncomfortable,whistles & causes ... READ MORE

30yrs old, swollen turbinates symptoms are disappearing. Can I still have Septoplasty?

No allergies. Suffered from swollen turbinates for over a year. Medicinal therapy gave no relief. ENT recommends Septoplasty / Turbinate reduction.... READ MORE

Septoplasty clarification. Is it safe to have a flight in 3 weeks?

I am 34y male had septoplasty on 19th (3 days ago) iam still on antibiotics and two small splints are still inside nose and plan to remove in 7 days.... READ MORE

Bad Nasal Breath?

Why does my nasal breath smell of urine, faeces and rotten mucus? I've had this since age 12, now 33! Had tonsils removed due to tonsil crypts, had... READ MORE

Second Opinion Maxillofacial Surgery For Impaction?

I'm 26 years,before 3 months i did impaction for gum small,now i have difficulty with breathing. dr. said i need septoplasty and turbinectomy with the... READ MORE

Snoring solutions after failed surgeries?

I've had this problem forever and feel like theres no solution. I had a deviated septum and 2 surgeries for septoplasty, tubinate and adenoid reduc.... READ MORE

My question: is it possible for the cartilage and bony septum to regrow completely after submucous resection of both sections?

Suspected cartilage bone in septum regrowth after septoplasty 10 years ago--had functional septoplasty done 10 years ago at 20 years of age, after the... READ MORE

How long will my recovery be from a septoplasty if I have a cleft lip and palate? (photos)

I'm 28 years old and I was born with a cleft lip and palate. I have always had persistent problems with my ears, nose, and throat. Usually when I get... READ MORE

Combining septoplasty with rhinoplasty and some form of face lift for my sagging face? Which facelift should I combine? (Photos)

1. I have a twisted septum in my right nostril so was hoping to combine this procedure safely with a new shaped nose. Can both be done at the same... READ MORE

My ENT suggested tonsillectomy/septoplasty together and removing Uvula. Will I have a hard time breathing? I get Claustrophobic

I'm 32 and have severe sleep apnea and constantly get tonsillitis. ENT wants to do tonsillectomy and septoplasty together along with removing the... READ MORE

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