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Septoplasty After 7 Months?

I am a 20 year old male. Had my septoplasty about seven months ago and still suffer from congestion. After a surgery for about 3 months I felt great... READ MORE

Forehead Pressure 7 Months After Septoplasty?

Bending over gives me pressure on my forehead in between my eyebrows. When I scrunch my nose it feels "tight". Is it normal to feel the pressure on my... READ MORE

Odd breathing after nose job. Any suggestions?

I have a nose job and septoplasty done about 7 months ago. Lately, I have noticed that when I breathe in, my left nostril hardly moves while my right... READ MORE

Decreased olfaction after septoplasty?

After septoplasty and IT reduction (7months ago) I often feel decreased olfaction... can't smell little agitating air I think the air can't reach... READ MORE

Septoplasty through Hemitransfixion? (Photo)

I had Septoplasty through Hemitransfixion 7 months ago. and Inferior turbinates surgery too. but oddly i am having decreased olfaction and dried nose... READ MORE

Consequences of Somewhat Hard Hit Post Septoplasty?

I'm 7 months post septoplasty and took a good knock to bridge of nose during training. This is the first time I had anything like this happen. I... READ MORE

Struggling to Breathe After Septorhinoplasty. Septum Still Bent?

Hi. I had Septorhinoplasty surgery 7 months ago to correct a broken nose and breathing problems. I went back to my surgeon and told him that I'm not... READ MORE

Will prolonged swelling lead to cartilage graft absorption?

7 months ago I had a septoplasty. During the first month after the nose job,I lived on all kinds of processed food,which contains lots of sodium.l... READ MORE

Had a septoplasty done 7 months ago now have a bump on the bridge of my nose. Any idea when it will come down? (Photo)

This bump appeared about 2 months ago. Due to this bump my nose has a slight depression in the middle now . Please help as my doctor seems to have no... READ MORE

Re-deviation of the nasal septum

Hello! Hope you're all feeling good. I've made Septoplasty 7 months ago since i had problems in breathing during my soccer training. Everything were... READ MORE

Tip swelling 7 months after septorhinoplasty?

I had a septorhinoplasty about 7 months ago and I had a lot of tip work done. Cartilage was added here and there and my tip has also been strengthened... READ MORE

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