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Is it possible to injure the septum from blowing my nose too hard?

I had my deviated septum repaired more than 6 years ago and right now am suffering from sinus infection. I blow my nose real hard and felt a tugging... READ MORE

What is the Best Option to Straighten my Nose, Gym or Yoga (pranayam) or Any Other?

Dear sir I had my septoplasty done before 6 years. Breathing has become lot easier since then. But my nose isn't straight specially at the tip. How... READ MORE

Can a septoplasty after several years (specifically 6 years) revert back to the original deviated state?

After 6 years I have started to notice that one of my nostrils has become occluded. Before having my septoplasty/turbinectomy/rhinoplasty to correct... READ MORE

Had septoplasty 6 years ago and still have swelling and pain in palate of mouth just behind front teeth. Can anything be done?

My palate behind my front teeth used to be flat with a couple ridges but since surgery 6 yrs ago to correct a deviated septum my palate has been... READ MORE

Had septoplasty I think 5-6 years ago. My nose is crooked now. Any help would be very appreciated! (photos)

5-6 ago I had a basketball accident. I broke my nose and had to do a septoplasty. A year after the operation when the swelling was done. My nose was... READ MORE

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