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Sculptra Under Eyes

My doctor said I would benefit from using Sculptra for the little criss cross wrinkles and bagging under my eyes. I haven't read much on Sculptra... READ MORE

Bad Side Effects from Sculptra?

My mom is starting new treatment with the Sculptra; she is 54 years old. She will go back for another sitting, the doctor says about 1 or 3 sitting. I... READ MORE

Is Sculptra Recommended As Filler for All Areas of the Face?

I'm considering Sculptra. A recently FDA approved dermal filler. Have you heard of this and do you recommend it? I have used Juvederm in the past for... READ MORE

Help with Sculptra Bumps and Skin Wrinkling

I had Sculptra injected 5 months ago. I have bumps with wrinkling and scarring on the surface of my skin. It gets worse every day, and even manifests... READ MORE

What's the Average Amount Someone Spends Each Year on Sculptra?

Based on treatment for lines and sunken look the mouth, what is the average yearly cost for Sculptra treatments? READ MORE

Does Sculptra work? (Photo)

I received sculptra injections (2 viles) one week ago. It looked great the first 24 hours, but one week later there is no change, and maybe even lines... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Have Laser Genesis After Sculptra Injections?

I had Sculptra injections about six weeks ago and am having my second injections tomorrow. I am getting a Laser Genesis in about 2 weeks for fine... READ MORE

Wrinkles under eyes - would more Botox help or should I try a filler like Sculptra?

I'm starting to get fine lines and little wrinkles underneath my eyes. I've been having Botox for a few years to treat my crows feet and the results... READ MORE

Full Co2 Laser (Ultra Pulse Not Fractionated) with Sculptra After Recovery or Mid Lift with Fat Graft and Lighter Laser Later?

I have a very thin face and have lost a tremendous amount of volume in my cheeks in the last 4- 5 years. I also have some deep wrinkling (vertical... READ MORE

Will my face ever recover from overreaction to misplaced Sculptra?

At age 29 I was injected with sculptra in thin skinned areas without hollows or wrinkles. It created jowls, double chin, eye hollows, and wrinkles. I... READ MORE

Why didn't Sculptra work? (Photos)

I have had two sets of injections with the last set seven weeks ago.Their has been no change in the trough lines and wrinkles. As you can clearly see... READ MORE

Sculptra vs. fat grafting?

Am 68 yrs old and need face lift. Differing opinions from 2 dr's consults. One says Sculptra , the other says there are new methods of fat grafting... READ MORE

What would be my best course of non surgery for these awful wrinkles? (photo)

Just wanting to know if sculptra would work for my lower face area? Also wanting to know what fillers would work on my cheek area. Am I to far gone... READ MORE

12 vials of Sculptra in 2.5 years and no results? 51 years old (Photos)

I have been receiving regular sculptura treatments for 2.5 years (12 vials) with no results. I have been to three different doctors for treatment, and... READ MORE

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