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Right After Sculptra Injection, Left Side Swelled Much More Than Right Side, Was It Due to More Injection on Left Side? (photo)

I had Sculptra injected 36 hours ago by an experienced doctor. Right after procedure, left cheek was much more swollen than the right. After 24 hours,... READ MORE

Was Overfilled with Sculptra in Lower Face, How Can I Fix this?

Hello without proper discussion I was injected in the lower face by a reputable doctor with 1 1/2 vials of sculptra diluted 1in12. There was bad... READ MORE

Why Does Sculptra Make my Face Look Lumpy?

My Sculptra story began 8 months ago. 2 vials, one session. One cheekbone is higher than the other. The collagen growth is totally uneven giving me a... READ MORE

Does Sculptra Change Your Look Forever?

Hi, I was injected with two vials of Sculptra nine months ago and am very uneven, left side is much fuller than right side. Once the collagen finally... READ MORE

Can Any Procedure Balance out the Sculptra Overfill?

18 weeks ago I was injected with two vials of sculptra in the orbital cheek area and jaw. My face is so out of proportion now, I get stares everywhere... READ MORE

My face looks more toned on one side after sculptra 3 months ago. How can I disguise this problem? (Photo)

I HAD FOUR vials total to refresh my face. I'm 30. The right side looks toned and ok but the left has some howling and doesn't look firm . What... READ MORE

I have Nasolabial folds & now the appearance of Marionette lines. Should I go with Sculptra or Juvaderm?

This is my first time with any injectable!. I have a loss of volume (that i'm not too worried about) & i am uneven as the left side is more pronounced... READ MORE

Does Sculptra Results Even Out?

I had two vials of Sculptra 7 months ago and now my left cheek is bigger than my right. Once the collagen is dissolved will the size difference even... READ MORE

My face is uneven after Sculptra. Should I apply more? (photos)

I had about 3 injections of sculptra during the past 13 months. I really liked but my mom (who didnt see me for 2 years) told me my face looks... READ MORE

Sculptra results uneven. Is it possible each side of my face will show results at different times?

I'm 42 years old and had 2 vials of sculptra injected in my cheeks, hollow, temples and lower face in January. I went back to my doctor 6 weeks later... READ MORE

Is it common for Sculptra to absorb differently from one side to the other?

I had injections in each side of my face three times with one month intervals.....the results so far are very subtle however I've notice that one side... READ MORE

Does all the Sculptra and newly-stimulated collagen growth ever disappear completely from your face?

Does all the Scuptra and newly-stimulated collagen growth ever disappear completely from your face..or are some of the rresults permanent? My doctor... READ MORE

What kind of fillers would you recommend for 37 year old concerned about thin face/lost volume? (photos)

I'm 37 yr old, but feel I look significantly older. I'm considering filler to remedy volume lost in my face ( ‘have you lost weight?’ questions). I a... READ MORE

Sculptra vs. fat grafting?

Am 68 yrs old and need face lift. Differing opinions from 2 dr's consults. One says Sculptra , the other says there are new methods of fat grafting... READ MORE

I had 2 vials of Sculptra about 3 months ago. Any suggestions?

I'm just starting to see the results and my face does look fuller. It appears to look a bit fuller on the bottom half than on the cheekbones which... READ MORE

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