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Sculptra Side Effects

I like the volume I've gained with three sessions of Sculptra but now I'm really scared about the long-term side effects. How long has... READ MORE

Is Sculptra Safe?

I am travelling to the united states for 12 weeks. I have lost over 3 stone in weight. my face has become full on wrinkles and would like to have... READ MORE

Who is Qualified to Inject Sculptra?

Who is qualified to do Sculptra injections?  Are doctors required to meet any sort of standards, requirements or complete any training before... READ MORE

Ultherapy After Sculptra

I read that it probably isn't good to do ultherapy after Sculptra or over Sculptra. My plastic surgeon thinks otherwise. What is the consensus? READ MORE

Which is the Safest: Sculptra or LaViv or Juvederm?

Which is safer but at the same time, effective - juvederm or sculptra or la viv? My board certified surgeon has recommended sculptra but I have heard... READ MORE

Overfilled Sculptra: How Long Before I Can Begin Getting a Top-Up?

I looked so lovely after 7 vials - a year later I fussed about a jowl so the doctor did an 8th vial over my cheekbones to lift the jowl. It made my... READ MORE

When is It Safe to Receive Juvaderm Injections After Sculptra?

Im interested in getting Juvaderm injections to restore sunken cheeks to obtain fullness/volume. I had one session of Sculptra 6.5 weeks ago. I have... READ MORE

Is 3 vials of Sculptra for my face too much at one time? Is it safe?

I'm 44 with a thin face. My PS wanted to do 2 vival but I talked him into doing 3 because I want to get results without having to make so many trips.... READ MORE

Can I Safely Change from Sculptra to Another Injectable?

Had injections of Sculptra in my cheek area a month ago look good but am concerned about migration. A bony nodule recently appeared on my ankle. Can I... READ MORE

Is the Sculptra Safe for Sensitive Skin ?

I have sensitive skine .is the sculptra lifting is safe READ MORE

Way Use Sculptra if No One Knows Why Some Get a Reaction?

One Dr remark we don't know way an reaction happens. Isn't it quite dangerously to work with a product and you don't know if or when a person will get... READ MORE

Voluma in other areas of the body?

Is voluma safe for any areas such as hands, fingers, wrists, ankles, feet, neck, or chest? READ MORE

In my early 40s. No other health issues, except I have Psoriasis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Can I safely get Sculptra injections?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease and I have read several posts on RealSelf where doctors have urged anyone with an autoimmune disease to steer clear... READ MORE

Sculptura - is it safe?

Is sculptura safe for volume loss in cheeks and temples ? Do any celebs use it or do they stick to per lane ? I have heard ppl go blind and have... READ MORE

Is Sculptra safe?

I am 65 and had a consultation with a plastic surgeon about injectables. She mentioned Sculptra and it explained in detail what it is. Anyone have any... READ MORE

Is it safe to have Sculptra when I have adrenal fatigue and going through menopause?

I had Sculptra a few years back with great results but since I have developed adrenal exhaustion and intense menopausal symptoms. I feel as though I... READ MORE

Getting Sculptra treatment 2 weeks apart a good idea?

Hypothetical question but what would happen if I got 2 more sculptra vials injected just 2 weeks after the first initial treatment date where 2 vials... READ MORE

Is it safe to have more treatments after strong first reaction?

Without doubt sculptra triggered sinus pressure and profuse beige , brown to gray incredibly viscous discharge from my sinuses like I have never... READ MORE

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