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How Soon After Sculptra Can I Have Juvederm Injections?

I have had one lot of sculptra done about 6 months ago which was not successful and brised my face badly for about 6 weeks afterwards. I decided not... READ MORE

When is It Safe to Receive Juvaderm Injections After Sculptra?

Im interested in getting Juvaderm injections to restore sunken cheeks to obtain fullness/volume. I had one session of Sculptra 6.5 weeks ago. I have... READ MORE

What Happens/Risks Are There if Sculptra is Reconstituted 2 Weeks Prior to Injection

What Happens/Risks Are There if Sculptra is Reconstituted 2 Weeks Prior to Injection READ MORE

Is it Possible to Develop a Nodule or Granuloma from Sculptra?

I am a 32 year old white woman and I recently had 2 sessions of Sculptra in my temples spaced 6 weeks apart and am supposed to go back in 8 weeks... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Injections Cause Permanent Nerve Damage?

Hi, just wanting to know if Sculptra injecting can cause permanent nerve damage? I had Sculptra 4 weeks ago and at the time of the procedure I noticed... READ MORE

If a Woman Got Preganant Either Soon After, or Within 2 Years, Her 3rd Sculptra Injection, Could This Harm the Baby?

Or maybe even sculptra is still in the system 3, 4 or 5 years after injections and this could harm the baby? Could it be that sculptra could effect... READ MORE

Can Oral Collagen Builders Be Used with Sculptra?

I have been using Sculptra for a few years and absolutely love it. I am thinking of adding an oral supplement with, inter alia, collagen builders. Is... READ MORE

I Want to Use a Dermaroller After I Just Had Sculptra Injections for Acne Scars on my Cheeks. Is This Ok?

I just had Sculptra injections in my cheeks to fill in acne scars on my cheeks and help my skin to produce my own collagen to plump the skin over time... READ MORE

Does Having Sculptra After Ultherapy During the Same Visit Increase Risks for Bruising?

I would like to have both sculptra and ultherapy treatments during the same office visit. My doctor would like to do the ultherapy prior to the... READ MORE

Juvederm or Sculptra Injections While on Roaccutane?

Is it safe to have Sculptra or Juvederm while on a low dose of Roaccatane (10 mg a day)? If not, how long do you have to wait before having filler... READ MORE

Risk for Sculptra with Keloid Conditions?

Im 30, chinese & had history of keloid conditions. I have recently paid for Sculptra for my face. I have just looked at the website for more... READ MORE

Can I Get a Facial After Sculptra Injections?

I had sculptra injections a couple months ago and i just scheduled a facial, will this effect my sculptra injections? READ MORE

How Soon After Sculptra I Can Have Ultherapy Done? Has Any Adverse Result Been Reported on This? Thanks.

How Soon After Sculptra I Can Have Ultherapy Done? Has Any Adverse Result Been Reported on This? Thanks. READ MORE

Sculptra Panic Attack?

Hi, I am two days post sculptra treatment. I went to a very experienced, highly recommended doctor and he recommended sculptra. However, I am utterly... READ MORE

Does Watering Down Sculptra Decrease a Lot of the Risks?

I had a consultation regarding "Sculptra" . I brought up the fact I was scared it could block an artery or go into an artery causing... READ MORE

I Have Keloid in my Back Where the Bra Strap is Ever Since I Was 15. I Was Persuaded to Buy Sculptra for my Face. Is This Safe?

The reason for using sculptra is to enhance the jaw bone line and probably lift up the eyes area. I haven't had the treatment before, and afraid the... READ MORE

Is Sculptra Safe in Skilled Hands?

I have seen several plastic surgeons.They feel that sculptra is best for me. I have hollowing of my temples & volume loss in cheeks. The drs have... READ MORE

Why Does Sculptra Have a Low Rating in Realself?

I'd like to have a bit more volume in my mid-face and buccal areas. While I'm considering fat grafting I think it's risky given the possible... READ MORE

Is Sculptra FDA Approved for Cosmetic Purposes in People with Healthy Immune Systems?

Sculptra first came about to help those with suppressed immune systems help regain much of the volume they had lost in their faces due to diseases... READ MORE

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