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Is This Normal Swelling After Sculptra or Should I Be Worried?

I had Sculptra injected yesterday in my temples, upper cheek area and it looks great, I know this is water/swelling and will go back down etc.... READ MORE

I Had Sculptra Injections Yesterday. I Am Severely Bruised, All Purple from my Nose to my Chin?

I iced all day when I had it done, but due to work I cannot ice there. I had Restylane 7 years ago and did not have any bruising, only injection site... READ MORE

Is a Large Bruise Under My Eye A Normal Sculptra Side Effect? (photo)

I had sculptura injections 3 days ago. two days after I got a large bruise under my left eye. what can I do?? READ MORE

Can Sculptra in my Temples Make my Whole Face Swell?

I am 56, and just had my third session of Sculptra in my temples. I am into day 6 and my temple swelling is much decreased, but my face is very... READ MORE

How Many Sculptra Treatments Are Usually Needed?

How many injections are typically needed for Sculptra, and how often are they done? READ MORE

How Much Sculptra is Too Much for First Visit - Is Better to Spread out over 3-5 Visits?

My facial plastic surgeon has recommended I have 2 vials of Sculptra for face volume loss He would administer in one visit; not over a course of 3-5... READ MORE

Lump Developed After Sculptra Injected and Puffy Face Still After Almost 2 Weeks. Normal?

I lately found I have one coin-sized lump has developed somewhere underneath the tear trough area, while I am still in a puffy left face leaving... READ MORE

Scultra Injections Post Op Normal Effects?

I had one sculptra treatment and blew up like a squirrel hiding nuts so my face looked unusually bloated for several days. It finally went down to... READ MORE

Sculptra Under Eyes?

I had two vials of sculptra injected into my cheek area just under my eyes. Now my eyes look swollen because the malar bags are like pillows where he... READ MORE

Almost 3 Months After Long Will It Take to Get my Original Face and Features Back?

3 months after a doc injected 1 vial of sculptra in my cheek hollows I am left with a chipmunk face, changed the planes, contors, feateres of my face,... READ MORE

Does Sculptra Tend to Sink Down Towards the Bottom of the Face and HA Filler Stays Put?

Does Sculptra Tend to Sink Down Towards the Bottom of the Face and HA Filler Stays Put?  READ MORE

After Injected, Can Sculptra Move to Another Location?

Does or can Sculptra move to another location after injected? READ MORE

I Had Major Swelling After a Sculptra Treatment. Is This Normal?

The day of my treatment it looked great. Just the fullness where it was injected. However, by the next day I looked like a chipmunk! My cheeks got... READ MORE

Lumps in Mouth After Sculptra, How Common is This? Is This Ok?

Had 3 vials of sculptra. I massaged well. Noticed a painless lump in my mouth after 1st vial which I thought might be a mouth ulcer, but it never... READ MORE

Is it Unusual to Swell Significantly Less After Your 3rd Sculptra Procedure?

Last Wednesday I had my 3rd Sculptra treatment with a very respected Chicago Dr. After the first two appointments I had the expected swelling and... READ MORE

Sculptra Waiver, Is it Common for PS to Have Patients Sign One?

I signed a sculptra waiver not that long ago and I don’t want to call my PS and ask for a copy what does this really cover? Do all Plastic... READ MORE

I am concerned that my face will not be normal. Is this swelling going to go down? (photo)

I had Sculptra done one week ago and my jaw line is swollen and puffy, making me look overweight. The girl who did it went deep and I am scared she... READ MORE

I had sculptra 2 wks ago and my face is swollen and puffy. Is this normal?

I have strange numbing type feeling on the cheeks. My face pre sculptra had slightly hollow cheeks and sag but now it's puffy. is this normal.and will... READ MORE

I'm a 45 year old woman. My doctor recommended 16 vials of sculptra for me to get best results. Is this normal or excessive?

I a a 45 year old woman with a long thin face. My dr recommended Sculptra and said ideally he thought I could. Use 16 vials over a period of time to... READ MORE

Is this normal fluid retention after Sculptra and will it subside? (Photo)

I had Restylane in tear troughs 1 month ago, had 1 vial of Sculptra in cheeks yesterday. Immediately after Sculptra I LOVED the look! I know I can... READ MORE

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