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What Happens when You Have Sculptra Many Months Apart?

I had Sculptra 11 months ago and then again 3 months ago. Will the first set of implants dissapate earlier than the second? READ MORE

Can I have Sculptra after Voluma ?

Hi , Will please advice me if I can have Sculptra after voluma in my lower cheeks !!!! READ MORE

Is Sculptra a good choice to do first, then use Juvederm to improve/add to results?

I am particularly interested in under eye circles--the tear trough area. READ MORE

How soon after Fraxel can I get Sculptra injections?

I'm thinking of getting Sculptra to increase volume on my face. I'm 50 yrs old and have had restylane fillers on my cheeks about 10 months ago. I had... READ MORE

Can I get Sculptra and chin implant and the same time? (Photo)

My face is Asymmetric and has been that way all my life. But it seem as I got older it got worse. So I figure I need a Cheek enhancement. So I decided... READ MORE

Hysterectomy scheduled 5 days after Sculptra injection. Is it OK?

Is it ok to proceed with scheduled surgery since my head will be in downward position for 3 to 4 hrs during procedure? READ MORE

How long after Sculptra/Radiesse in cheeks can I get a cheek lift? (Photo)

I'm nearly a year into my second vial of Sculptra in the cheeks and was wondering how long would I have to wait to have a Suture cheek lift? My Dr... READ MORE

I am looking for way to get as youthful face as possible without drastic measures and taking budget into account?

I have recently had fillers as sculptra, juvederm, along with Botox. I see little difference and wonder if just not enough or not correct procedure... READ MORE

Allegro laser after-or-before Sculptra?

Which one should be done first and how long should be the term btw those ones? I wonder if they could have any interference. Thank you. READ MORE

Help me find a doctor who treats adverse effects from Sculptra?

6 years ago had Sculptra injected having a mini facelift & 3 other procedures. I've been fighting the granulomas for 5.5 years now. Started on face.... READ MORE

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