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Is Sculptura Good for Sagging Skin Around the Mouth and Jaw Line?

I had a facelift 7 years ago, but the lower part of my face has fallen and crumpled. Would I be better off with a mid-lift? READ MORE

Will These Sculptra Lumps Be Permanent?

I had 2 vials of Sculptura injected 5 weeks ago. I have developed a lump between the corner of my mouth and jawline (giving me a 'jowl' on that side)... READ MORE

Can I Have Hyaluronic Acid and Sculptra at the Same Time?

I won a free session of Sculptra at a plastic surgery seminar. The doctor said he would like to inject along my cheekbones. However its been 8 months... READ MORE

Sculptra Migration?

I had some Sculptra injections recently, and because I have been working hard (had my head down writing) for about 8 -10 hours a day, I appear to have... READ MORE

Lip Lines After Sculptra - What Treatment Will Remove Them?

4 weeks ago I had sculptra which has improved the volume in my face, although at the corners of my mouth I am beginning to get what I see as a sad... READ MORE

OK to Use Baby Quasar for Bruising After Sculptra Injections?

I just had sculptra on Friday. Baby quasar ok to use on bruising? I have bruising around my mouth. Is it okay to use the baby quasar on it? I'm... READ MORE

Lumps in Mouth After Sculptra, How Common is This? Is This Ok?

Had 3 vials of sculptra. I massaged well. Noticed a painless lump in my mouth after 1st vial which I thought might be a mouth ulcer, but it never... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Get Rid of "Ripples" on my Cheek & Lift the Corners of my Mouth?

At the age of 60 one side of my face has started to sink in & I have several "ripples" across that cheek. They look like the undulations left on... READ MORE

What's the Average Amount Someone Spends Each Year on Sculptra?

Based on treatment for lines and sunken look the mouth, what is the average yearly cost for Sculptra treatments? READ MORE

Sculptra was injected through my mouth and I developed lumps that I can slide around. Will they go away? (photos)

I was injected by a board certified dermatologist/sculptra trainer. Will the lumps go away? Could you recommend a surgeon to remove these lumps... READ MORE

Sculptra was injected through my mouth by my parotid gland over two years ago. I have mumps like swelling. Is this permanent?

I went to a board certified dermatologist and had a half vial of sculptra injected. My face has been slightly tender and swollen since with large... READ MORE

Could you recommend an expert oral surgeon who will remove sculptra nodules through the mouth?

I've had these nodules for almost three years and they swell and are sometimes painful. 1/2 vial of sculptra was injected through the mouth and I am... READ MORE

Sculptra-jaw pain, difficulty opening mouth and chewing after injection. Is this normal?

I won 2 vials of sculptra in a raffle at Dr's office. I had one vial of injected into my temples 3 days ago and I still have terrible jaw pain and can... READ MORE

Can you do Kybella and Sculptra on the same day?

Would like to get Sculptra for volume loss in temples, cheeks, corners of mouth, jaw, & chin. Possibly some Juvederm for under eyes & lips.... READ MORE

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