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What Happens/Risks Are There if Sculptra is Reconstituted 2 Weeks Prior to Injection

What Happens/Risks Are There if Sculptra is Reconstituted 2 Weeks Prior to Injection READ MORE

How Many Sculptra Treatments Are Usually Needed?

How many injections are typically needed for Sculptra, and how often are they done? READ MORE

Juvederm or Sculptra Injections While on Roaccutane?

Is it safe to have Sculptra or Juvederm while on a low dose of Roaccatane (10 mg a day)? If not, how long do you have to wait before having filler... READ MORE

Can collagenese be used to help with sculptra overfill 5 weeks after injections?

I have had 3 rounds of sculptra. One vile at each of the first 2 rounds and a third round in my lower face using 1/2 a vile. I didn't notice much... READ MORE

Would you recommend no massage after Sculptra?

I just had scupltra for the first time and I asked my PS about massage. I have used him for a variety of treatments over the years but not this one.... READ MORE

Will the regular use of bentonite clay masks destroy the injections of sculptra on my face?

I've tried EVERYTHING in regards to my acne, I've tried every brand, I've tried antibiotics, and I've honestly spent thousands of dollars with... READ MORE

Can improperly injected Sculptra cause divots in cheeks?

Can improperly injected sculptra cause divots in cheeks? READ MORE

Local or Sculptra causing eye to droop? (photos)

I got Sculptra done 11days ago and my left eyelid is drooping. I've had the procedure done before but this was the first time it was injected in my... READ MORE

Can saline solution break up Sculptra bump granuloma?

I've developed a "pearl" size lump from my last Sculptra injection. Is there a way to get rid of it? READ MORE

My doctor was injecting sculptra and the needle kept getting clogged. I didn't think anything of it at the time. Any suggestion?

I didn't think anything of it at the time but it's been 5 months with absolutely no change from before the procedure. My before and after pics are... READ MORE

How much is normally charged for the injection itself?

I just got approved for sculptra at no cost with the patient assistance program. I dont have a lot of money and I dont want to get taken advantage and... READ MORE

How much more the Scuptra would grow and when it will completely go away?

I had 1.5ml Sculptra injected in my chin 3 months ago. I do not like it has lengthened my face and the chin looks much bigger and wider. I heard it... READ MORE

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