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Sculptra Nodules Under Eyes - Looking for Colorado Sculptra Expert

July 2008 I had Sculptra injected under my eyes. Visible nodules developed within 3 weeks, though I massaged as instructed. They are still visible, I... READ MORE

How to Find the Best Sculptra Injector in Ottawa?

I tried Sculptra and was very, very pleased, however, I do not like the bumps it has left on my chin. I have been told by the dermatologist who did... READ MORE

Recommendations for Sculptra Doctors in Kansas City Area

May I have some names of Doctors in the Kansas City area who give Sculptra injections? This is for hollow cheeks. Thank you. READ MORE

Nigeria Sculptra Doctor Recommendations

There are millions of people living with HIV in Nigeria and many of us suffer from facial and body wastage from the drugs we've been taking. I need... READ MORE

Anyone performing Sculptra Butt Lift in south Florida?

Im very interested in this procedure. Bbl is not an option and im looking for small enhacement. READ MORE

Looking for Sculptra Injector in Birmingham, Alabama?

Are there any physicians with advanced Scupltra certification in Birmingham, AL? READ MORE

Can Sculptra beads be removed 2 years later?

Sculptra was injected under lips though mouth creating jowls. I can now feel soft beads of product that I can slide around. Are there any doctors who... READ MORE

Had Sculptra 20 months ago. Last month developed nodule on cheek bone, how can I confirm it is from Sculptra?

Ultrasound showed nodules on both sides of face and oblong hypoechoic nodule parallel to underlying soft tissues measuring 5 x 5 x 2 mm., hypoechoic... READ MORE

I am looking for a doctor in the US who does Sculptra injections for neck and/or hands. Any suggestions?

I am 46, and I have had delightful results with Sculptra on my face, I am beginning to not like the changes in my neck with aging. I have read that... READ MORE

I want to get Sculptura injected into my temples but am unsure how to find someone suitable to give the injections.

Theres is a place I go to to get my tattoo removed and basically it's a whole bunch of nurses who do the services. So I was wondering if they would be... READ MORE

Is there any good doctor in Pennsylvania, New York or New Jersey that has experience treating Sculptra problems?

Is there any good doctor in Pennsylvania, New York or New Jersey that has experience treating Sculptra problems? I have on and off swelling throughout... READ MORE

Sculptra after weight loss

Almost every PS and Dermatologist I have come across online or in person in the Northern VA area offer Sculptra however I'm looking for a Doctor in... READ MORE

How do I find a Valeant-trained, Sculptra trainer physician?

After reading all I can about Sculptra, I've decided that I'd like to give it a try, but only with a Sculptra trainer, but how do I find one? I'd... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor in Houston area who is an expert in Sculptra. My current injections lasting only 6 months

I posted a few days ago - I have had a total of 3 vials of sculptra in the last year - i had incredible results after 6 weeks ( fist vial 4/15) the... READ MORE

How can I find a list of qualified doctors to perform the Sculptra in the Houston area? Comparison Cost also? (Photo)

I want to find a qualified doctor in the Houston area, I want less down time with reasonable prices. A 50 year old mom of 3 READ MORE

Could you recommend an expert oral surgeon who will remove sculptra nodules through the mouth?

I've had these nodules for almost three years and they swell and are sometimes painful. 1/2 vial of sculptra was injected through the mouth and I am... READ MORE

Looking for a plastic surgeon in Dallas to reduce the volume caused by Sculptra

9 weeks out of first sculptra injection with 1 vial injected. I don't have problems with lumps or nodules´╝îbut just hate the fullness on my lower f... READ MORE

Are there drs in the LA area that will inject Sculptra in an hiv patient for a reduced cost?

I have AIDS and I have hollow cheeks & eyes. I saw a Dr about getting sculptra as a filler for my cheeks. He "mentioned" we should start with botox... READ MORE

Can anyone please recommend a good clinic or a doctor for Sculptra treatment in Sydney, Australia?

I have tried Dr.Cussel Facial Rejuvenation Clinic in the City but need to try a different clinice as their prices have increased significantly. READ MORE

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