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How is Juvederm Voluma Different from Sculptra?

I have been considering getting Sculptra for quite a while now and just heard about a new product, Juvederm Voluma. Both are supposed to last longer... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Artefill and Sculptra?

Doc mention that Artefill is not like sculptra -- that it fills immediately and does NOT go down. Is this true? Please also share any other... READ MORE

Advantages of Sculptra over Fat Injection?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of using Sculptra versus fat for facial filler? READ MORE

Why Do Doctors Differ over Longevity Of Sculptra?

1. Why do some doctors say that the effect of sculptra can last 5 years without top-up, while other say it lasts 2-3 years and needs annual or... READ MORE

Does Sculptra Tend to Sink Down Towards the Bottom of the Face and HA Filler Stays Put?

Does Sculptra Tend to Sink Down Towards the Bottom of the Face and HA Filler Stays Put?  READ MORE

Is Fat or Sculptra a Better Medium to Replace Large Volume Loss?

Knowing there is a correlation between facial fat and aging, is it possible to have an amount of fat or sculptra injected that is equivalent to the... READ MORE

Sculptra As a Soft or Hard Filler?

How is Sculptra in terms of being a hard or soft filler? Is the texture similar to Juvederm? I'm wondering because I've heard that of all... READ MORE

Does Sculptra or Voluma last longer in the cheeks?

Is there a reason why one should choose one over the other? Thanks for your time and answers in advance! READ MORE

Sculptra vs Voluma vs Restylane Lyft? (Photo)

My lower face is thin and I want to add more volume. I like the idea that Voluma and Restylane are both hyaluronic acid and can be reversed. But I... READ MORE

I have Nasolabial folds & now the appearance of Marionette lines. Should I go with Sculptra or Juvaderm?

This is my first time with any injectable!. I have a loss of volume (that i'm not too worried about) & i am uneven as the left side is more pronounced... READ MORE

Can collagenese be used to help with sculptra overfill 5 weeks after injections?

I have had 3 rounds of sculptra. One vile at each of the first 2 rounds and a third round in my lower face using 1/2 a vile. I didn't notice much... READ MORE

Does Sculptra work? (Photo)

I received sculptra injections (2 viles) one week ago. It looked great the first 24 hours, but one week later there is no change, and maybe even lines... READ MORE

Sculptra vs Juverderm (photo)

I have pock mark scars between my eyebrows & on my cheeks, I had TCA peel (35%) but this caused more scarring. My skin hasn't been the same since, my... READ MORE

Why Does Sculptra Have a Low Rating in Realself?

I'd like to have a bit more volume in my mid-face and buccal areas. While I'm considering fat grafting I think it's risky given the possible... READ MORE

Sculptra and Fraxel repair. Which should I get first?

I would like to get Sculptra and Fraxel repair. What do I get first? and how far apart? READ MORE

Will the regular use of bentonite clay masks destroy the injections of sculptra on my face?

I've tried EVERYTHING in regards to my acne, I've tried every brand, I've tried antibiotics, and I've honestly spent thousands of dollars with... READ MORE

Sculptra vs. Voluma for lower face?

I have a bit of volume loss under my eyes & lower face. Main concern in lower face is some hollowness that is starting to become a bit more obvious. I... READ MORE

Is Sculptra supposed to be filler of choice to help regain volume to the lower face? Voluma was recommended

But PS injected upper face vs. sub malar & below where I'd said I wanted a bit of "re-inflation". Other PSs said Sculptra was the far superior filler... READ MORE

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