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Already Used Sculptra. Can I Use Another Filler in Same Area?

I have had sculptra treatment in my cheeks to counter volume loss (mid face creases) after a succesful diet, but can I now have restylane subq or... READ MORE

Ultherapy After Sculptra

I read that it probably isn't good to do ultherapy after Sculptra or over Sculptra. My plastic surgeon thinks otherwise. What is the consensus? READ MORE

Can I Have Hyaluronic Acid and Sculptra at the Same Time?

I won a free session of Sculptra at a plastic surgery seminar. The doctor said he would like to inject along my cheekbones. However its been 8 months... READ MORE

When is It Safe to Receive Juvaderm Injections After Sculptra?

Im interested in getting Juvaderm injections to restore sunken cheeks to obtain fullness/volume. I had one session of Sculptra 6.5 weeks ago. I have... READ MORE

Titan Laser After Sculptra?

About three months ago I've had Sculptra injected into my cheeks as a filler. Now I'm considering Titan laser treatment. Will this laser interfere... READ MORE

Combining Fraxel Restore and Sculptra

I am considering Fraxel Restore to eliminate age spots, remove minor acne scaring and minimize fine lines and pores. I am also undergoing Sculptra to... READ MORE

Can I Have Scuptra and Botox Done at the Same Time?

I have had the first lot of sculptra and due my second in two weeks time, i was wondering if i could also have botox done at the same time? READ MORE

Can I Get Scupltra 1 Month After Radiesse To Add Volume To Face?

At my consultation my dermatologist wanted to use sculptra to restore volume to my face. I wanted more immediate results, so I chose radiesse instead.... READ MORE

Can Prednisone Affect Sculptra?

I had to have a short 5 day low dose course of Prednisone to deal with poison ivy. I had sculptra almost three months ago and had already seen filling... READ MORE

I Want to Use a Dermaroller After I Just Had Sculptra Injections for Acne Scars on my Cheeks. Is This Ok?

I just had Sculptra injections in my cheeks to fill in acne scars on my cheeks and help my skin to produce my own collagen to plump the skin over time... READ MORE

Will Ulthera Interfere with Recent Sculptra Treatment?

I had my second Sculptra treatment yesterday. In 8 days I am scheduled for a Ulthera treatment. Is this too soon? Will the Ulthera have an adverse... READ MORE

Can I Get a Facial After Sculptra Injections?

I had sculptra injections a couple months ago and i just scheduled a facial, will this effect my sculptra injections? READ MORE

How Soon After Sculptra I Can Have Ultherapy Done? Has Any Adverse Result Been Reported on This? Thanks.

How Soon After Sculptra I Can Have Ultherapy Done? Has Any Adverse Result Been Reported on This? Thanks. READ MORE

Can I Get Sculptra While Also Getting Ematrix?

I was wondering if I can get sculptra while also getting ematrix. Not necessarily during the same treatment session, but maybe a week apart. Thanks. READ MORE

It is Ok to Dissolve Restylane After a Week of Sculptra Injection?

I had a restylane injection under both eyes for improving hollowness a year ago, and now after taking the second Sculptra injection few days before,... READ MORE

I mixed sculptra with Bacteriostatic sodium chloride instead of Bacteriostatic water. Can a doc use this on a patient's face?

I mixed sculptra with Bacteriostatic sodium chloride instead of the Bacteriostatic water. Can the doctor still use it on a patient face? Is this a bad... READ MORE

Can I Have TITAN Laser Done After Having Sculptra Treatment Done On My Face?

Can I Have Titan Laser Done AFTER Having Sculptra Treatment Done on my face?? I Really Appreciate Your Answer. Thank You. READ MORE

Combination of Sculptra with Other Fillers. Anything I Should Watch Out For?

I have previously had unknown filler injected to correct my nasolabial fold 10 years ago. The doctor told me that it is a temporary filler with effect... READ MORE

Can Scars Occur After Needling with 2.0mm Needle Followed by Sculptra After One Year?

I carried out needling my face with 1.5mm and 2.0mm needles one year ago and combined this with 2 treatments of sculptra in between needling... READ MORE

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