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Is Sculptra Recommended for Hollow Eyes?

I am interested in sculpra to fill in the hollowness of the eyes do you recommend this? Are there creams that can work for hollowness and tightness of... READ MORE

Approximately how many vials of Sculptra to enhance my butt? (Photo)

Had cool sculpting on a very tiny banana roll which caused my butt to drop lost volume had to have skin surgically removed Was told not enough fat for... READ MORE

Age Limit for Sculptra?

I Am 68 Years of Age Can I Still Use Sculptura? READ MORE

Can Polylactic Acid injections give me a butt like this? I don't have enough fat. (Photo)

Can Sculptra give me a butt like the pictures. I do not have enough fat at all and I'm very rich so I can afford as many injections that would reach... READ MORE

Am I A Candidate For Sculptra at Young Age? I Have A Naturally Skinny Face I'd Like To Plump.

I am a 25-year-old skinny girl who would like to have a chubbier face and therefore intend to have Sculptra injected. However, I heard that Sculptra... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Sculptra?

MY face getting thinner and hollower from the last 3 years ago and I would like to have fresher and fuller face,specially around cheek and jaw and... READ MORE

Is 68 Too Old to Expect Good Results from Sculptra?

I've had two treatments of Sculptra. Its been about a year since my first, the second was about 12 weeks later. Results are slightly noticeable. Would... READ MORE

Can I use Sculptra for hip augmentation?

Ok so i have literally zero hips and zero waist thanks to me being 100% i do have a booty tho 34-28-39. So im curvy from the side but... READ MORE

Sculptra For Aging Face. Am I a Candidate With Auto Immune Issues?

I am 62 yrs old with auto immune issues, Chrohns , polymyalgia rehumatica, and reynaulds. These injectibles are the first that have gotten my interest... READ MORE

Why Does my Face Keep Getting Flatter? Considering Sculptra.

I had buccal fat removed 10 years ago. Within the last 3mos my face keeps losing an inordinate amount of vol. I got Radiesse a month ago, it helped a... READ MORE

Can ArteFill or Sculptra be used to Fill in Irregularities in the Neck After Liposuction?

Can Artfill or Sculptra be used successfully in filling in indentations from over zealous liposuction in the neck region? And if so what are your... READ MORE

Does Sculptra Help with Rolling Scars?

I have some scars that I believe are rolling scars, they are visible when under shadowing and also appear as lines in my cheek when I smile in any... READ MORE

Will Sculptra in my cheeks make them too big? (Photo)

I would like to add sculptra to my cheeks, to give my mid-face a lift. I also have some under eye hollowing I would like to conceal. My issue is while... READ MORE

Can I Have Sculptra Injections with Fibromyalgia and Psoriasis Arthritis?

I have both Fibromyalgia and Psoriasis Arthritis. Am I a poor candidate for Sculptra? My cheek and temple area are hollow. Thanks so much. READ MORE

Is Sculptra Safe for People with SLE and APS?

I have SLE and APS for years, it's under control but I'm still on medication . Would like to know is Sculptra safe for people with SLE and APS? Is it... READ MORE

Is Scupltra Safe to Augment Bridge of Nose and Does It Delay Opportunity for Revision Surgery?

I am 3.5 months post op rhinoplasty. Physician used sculptra last week to fill in significant size depression on higher part of bridge. He advised it... READ MORE

Sculptra and auto immune disease

Can a person with antibodies for Graves disease but without symptons or meds for 15 years have sculptra or is it contra indicated as an auto immune... READ MORE

Is the Sculptra Safe for Sensitive Skin ?

I have sensitive skine .is the sculptra lifting is safe READ MORE

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