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Can Sculptra in my Temples Make my Whole Face Swell?

I am 56, and just had my third session of Sculptra in my temples. I am into day 6 and my temple swelling is much decreased, but my face is very... READ MORE

Sculptra for Acne Scars?

I am 60 and considering sculptra for depressed areas. The doc I consultes in new jersey Stated that this could help. Any opinions. READ MORE

Sculptra For Aging Face. Am I a Candidate With Auto Immune Issues?

I am 62 yrs old with auto immune issues, Chrohns , polymyalgia rehumatica, and reynaulds. These injectibles are the first that have gotten my interest... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Get Rid of "Ripples" on my Cheek & Lift the Corners of my Mouth?

At the age of 60 one side of my face has started to sink in & I have several "ripples" across that cheek. They look like the undulations left on... READ MORE

Will Sculptra Help Jowls and Marionette Lines?

I am 56 and thinking about Sculptra for jowls and marionette lines?? READ MORE

Does 3 Vials Of Sculptra All At Once Increase My Risk Of Granuloma Development?

I see that it is typical to get 1-2 vials per session. I had 3 Vials of Sculptra on First Visit, 3 Days Ago. My Dr. gave me 3 on the first visit (and... READ MORE

Does Sculptra work? (Photo)

I received sculptra injections (2 viles) one week ago. It looked great the first 24 hours, but one week later there is no change, and maybe even lines... READ MORE

Is Sculptra's Success Related to Patient's Age? (photo)

I am 64. I have had conflicting recommendations. An ocular plastic surgeon recommended sculptra instead of fillers. An aesthetician said she uses... READ MORE

Does Sculptra work and what are the odds it will make your face "grow its own collagen"?

I went to a well reviewed RN to get fillers between my brows and in some jowl lines. She convinced me to try sculptra. After one treatment which was... READ MORE

I just turned 59 in March. Am I too old for sculptra?

I just turned 59 in March. Im 5'9 135 lbs. I have long thin face. My cheeks and temples are starting to hollow out. My dermatologist suggests Sculptra... READ MORE

Would Sculptra work on me?

I am 56 years old and have only just given up smoking. Would sculptra work on me? I have spoken to a local nurse and she said she's not sure and if I... READ MORE

I just turned 64 - I do not want to a facelift - my dermatologist recommended Sculptra as the best treatment for me (Photo)

The dermatologist was young and seemed to know the latest treatments. She recommended Sculptra which she does not do but she did give me a... READ MORE

Would you call a series of sculptra sessions a speculative decision?

I have had two treatments of two vials each time. i am scheduled for final two this week. Visits have been 6 weeks apart. Besides a bump forming... READ MORE

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