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How Soon After Sculptra Can I Have Juvederm Injections?

I have had one lot of sculptra done about 6 months ago which was not successful and brised my face badly for about 6 weeks afterwards. I decided not... READ MORE

What to Do if Sculptra Was Misplaced? (photo)

6 months ago I asked for filling hollow temples, but the MD injected as well in and under the brow tail, which has totally destroyed my look. you can... READ MORE

Had ArteFill 6 Months Ago, Can I Now Try Sculptra?

I had ArteFill about six months ago and didn't achieve the desired look in terms of fullness (upper cheeks). You really can't even tell I had... READ MORE

Please tell Me there's a way to reverse Sculptra...?

I got sculptera about 6 months ago a little bit below my eyes because I had small lines due to sun damage years ago. Now my eyes look hollow and when... READ MORE

Scuptra and Hypothyroidism?

I had 3 treatments of sculptra 6 months ago and it has made no difference at all to my face, is this because of my thyroid medication? READ MORE

Sculptra metabolized after 6 months. Is this anything other than stress? (Photo)

Started sculptra in April came back 6 weeks and showed amazing change vial in june and was told to follow nov / dec - I went in last week the pics... READ MORE

Is layering Sculptra over pronounced areas of Voluma advisable?

I have a thin face. I had 2 syringes of Voluma injected into cheekbone & temple area 6 mos ago. Both areas are visibly filled, (small worm look on... READ MORE

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